Time for Christians, is winding down

The months in the latter part of 2019, up to the present, have been “different”. Watching the events in the world, I have not felt led to say much. It seems that events should speak for themselves, to anyone looking for the return of Christ

The worldwide lockdown is a sign just how much influence and control the NWO actually has, already. People will move on from this development, reconciling it within themselves as a necessity for the current times.

Without understanding of scripture, they will not recognize the leap history has just taken. If you just want to live your life and not think about the 30% of scripture that addresses prophecy, that is your choice, but be careful you aren’t fooling yourself. Pastors are supposed to preach the whole counsel, and disciples of Jesus are wise to look into all of it. Spiritual weaklings are going to suffer fear during the shaking our world will endure between now and our deliverance from the wrath that’s coming. How does a person avoid being spiritually weak? By standing in their own ” wisdom” and counting on their own “righteousness” and works.

If you are a Christian and your heart has never been grieved over the plight of the lost, there is something wrong with your heart and time is running out for you to get it right between you and the Lord.

If you as a Christian live no differently from the world, you may be a nominal Christian who never grew, or you may not be saved, and maybe you better look into it. It is not about me judging you, it is about you judging yourself before God does.

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