God can do a lot of things at once

Army Gen. Mike Flynn is one of the key good guys involved in fighting the deep state pedo cabal. He was falsely indicted for “lying under oath” by those trying to ruin America. He is a Christian and he needs your prayers. In this video, a snip from an hour-long speech on fixing the Justice system, (well worth watching) a majorindicator is given by Mike Flynn’s amazing attorney Sidney Powell. The reason Q is an internet based operation, is that t.v. news will not report anything that might reveal the truth about the criminals who undermined and sold out America during the illegitimate “presidency” of the former occupant of the White House.

There is one Q-commentator on youtube who covers it with the perspective of the nearing rapture and Tribulation. His channel is called Truth and Art T.V. He doesn’t talk prophecy, he just has occasionally stated his belief that Tribulation is near.

Bill Gates is diligently working on and funding ID2020, a “mark” system that he intends to be administered as, or with a vaccine, that gives the recipient his unique I.D. The first target Demographic is, unsurprisingly, homeless people. Under the guise of humanitarianism, the developers are touting ID2020 as a way for people with no home address, drivers license, or birth certificate, to qualify for benefits and services. People on disability often end up homeless because they fall behind on rent, then get evicted, and have no address to forward their disability check to. This is one example of how the NWO agenda marches towards it’s evil intent, while God might use an aspect of it for good in the life of a Christian who is a homeless veteran. This is an example of why we don’t need to fear developments that fulfill prophecy as we watch them happen!

But humanitarian efforts are in large part often a front for implementing depopulation and other NWO agenda goals. Not-for-profit/nonprofits are a cover and codeword often for a means to launder money, AND get tax breaks to fund programs that the general public would not support if they knew the real intent, such as Planned Parenthood and the lucritive sale of aborted baby body parts for everything from using aborted DNA in vaccines, to cosmetics, food additives, and other extremely unethical uses.

Trump and Pence are trying to fill the courts once again with judges who believe in, and understand the Constitution, hoping to tackle abortion from that route.

Some Christians say forget all this, and focus only on the gospel. I think failure of Christians to know what the government is up to is partly how we got where we are. Does it still matter?  I maintain that although it is imperative that we differentiate between our patriotism and our faith and loyalty to God in Christ, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. When a loved one is dying, we don’t just write them off and put our energy into things pertaining to life. The loved one deserves care to the end. The Constitutional Republic of America is a gift. I think it is fitting to fight the “disease” that is killing it, (and that’s not Corona) but it is equally important to accept that there is an expiration date in  America’s future, and the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, according to His plan and wisdom. We have to be prepared to be okay with whatever happens.

In my life, I have done many things. But the times when God did something pretty amazing using me as a vessel, seem to have a common theme. It has to do with coming alongside and helping someone get through a period of transition. Every Christian should anticipate eternity with gladness, but we like settling in and getting comfy, even if we practice Godly separation, being in, but not of this world, we tend to cling a little to what is familiar. The unfolding events we see, as well as the troubles and struggles so many Believers are experiencing and have experienced in life, are meant to help us “get over” this world, and earthly life. The more you have asked God to work in you, the more you can expect trouble. It comes in all forms. False accusations, gossip about you, busted water pipes, fender benders, illness, burglary, injury, you name it. Don’t look around and wonder why that Christian seems to never have trouble. You don’t know. But besides that, they may never have asked the Lord to make something of them that benefits the Kingdom or points others to Christ. Like Martha and Mary, some may miss out on realizing that there is some “better part” to be had.

Tribulation, suffering, for the Christian, is God’s means of purifying, and hardening our faith. It is the Refiner’s fire.

Regardless how many more hours, days, months, or, *gulp* years may still lie ahead of us in this world, we are undeniably watching things shift and fall into place to bring about all that scripture prophecied. Surrender yourself to God’s means of making you ready, helping you cut the strings that tie you to this world. We often toss around the saying that ” this world is not my home”, but actually, it has been our home, the only one we have ever known. A little sadness or sentimentality over the memories and blessings we experienced here isn’t inappropriate. Take the time to say your goodbyes, if you need to, to the good things of this life, after all, God cared enough to provide them, so why shouldn’t we acknowledge them? But church, Bride of Christ, we’ll be leaving our childhood home for good sometime soon. In light of that, whatever we face between now and then, I don’t know about you, but I think I would really prefer to let it be His concern, and just trust it all to Him. It’s not easy to get your head and heart and nerves there, until you have been through some storms, until you are good and tired, then it starts to get a little easier to just choose to leave it in His hands, and not get yourself invested in any certain outcome. Calm seas or turbulent waters, He can handle it and preserve us through it, or take us around it, or settle it.

“There is a rest that remaineth for the people of God.” Hebrews 4:9.



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