Easter in the age of Covid 19, my personal musings

I have had 2 surgeries since February 25. The first one was behind me prior to Covid-19 being declared a pandemic, and the toilet paper apocalypse which ensued, thus my foray to the grocery store today was my first since martial law was implemented. What’s that? Not martial law, you say? Sure, little frog, whatever you need to believe there in that “sauna” you’re sitting in.

I live in a town where political correctness pretty much only reigns on government property. But it is also a town that got an infusion of Obama money back in the day, IE, it’sbought. So it’s just a matter of time.

I was used to seeing the images of empty shelves online and on the news, but 2.5 months in, and the toilet paper, kleenex, paper towel aisle is still bare? No Palmolive dish soap?  Sneeze guards (or  is that bullet proof glass, in preparation for expected looting?) Separate the cashiers from the customers.

I said it before, this is a new normal. If you are still assuming things will go back to the way they were, you are in for some harsh disappointment. I think the U.S. will see a recovery, as will other nations to various degrees, but that is only because we have our fiat currency ( we own the dollar printer). Fiat currency has no intrinsic value. A numerical value is imposed, changed at will by the powers that be. The more they print, the higher prices will be inflated. But, remember the widow and her cruse of oil? Loaves and fishes. Manna.

It’s crazy. Yet I have not had a moment’s worry. Have you? If you are a new believer, or a believer who has not yet had to face any sort of life-changing event (loss), you will discover that God comes along, scoops you up, tucks you under His wings in times like these. You have peace that defies logic. God will provide. He will provide if you worry, or if you don’t worry. So why worry?

I hope that sorta like those Who’s down in Whoville at Christmas, maybe we can rediscover this Resurrection weekend, what really matters. We can do it without candy, plastic eggs, cellophane “grass”, baskets, and feasts. Nothing wrong with those things, but it is easy for them to eclipse the true celebration of Christ’s glorious triumph over death and sin. The very fullness of the redemption He purchased, is about to come to fruition. Eye hath not seen, ear heard, neither can mind conceive of that which He has prepared for us! Who needs Easter eggs?!?

I hope you all have a blessed Resurrection day.

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