An emergency coalition government has formed in Israel, annexation of the West Bank could commence as early as July.


The Pope and the UN Security council are calling for global ceasefire, and one global leader. Emmanuel Macron seems to be auditioning for the part.


All you have to do is head over to the United Nations website to see the echoing cry of ” peace and security”.

COVID-19 threatening global peace and security, UN chief warns


Our President is no match for the global deep state, though no one has ever fought harder. Though he has stood for religious freedom and supported Israel, there is an over-arching plan in place that will not, cannot be thwarted.


It seems to me that Covid 19 is a last warning to the world, and though it is waning for now, it could return with a vengeance with cold and flu season.


Many weddings were postponed during the lockdown, and in Wuhan, couples crashed the marriage registration app when the lockdown was lifted, as they rushed to make up for lost time.


And this is interesting

Even more interesting (Isaiah 17 setting up?)





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  1. I never want to stop being amazed at how God works. I am presently working on a similar post. I’m telling you so you don’t think I’m copying you. 😂 Mine is a little different, but does involve the metaphorical clock. ♥️

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