Pertinent facts about Emmanuel Macron

  • Emmanuel means “God with us”
  • Macron surname means “He who values power over love”, also “to obliterate”.
  • His 2 middle names are Jean-Michal and Frédéric
  • Jean-Michal means  “who is like God or “God remits”
  • Frédéric means ” Peaceful ruler”.
  • Won election by 66.6% of the vote
  • Stated he was so intelligent that the press probably could not keep up with how fast his brain works
  • Said he intended to rule like the Roman god Jupiter (The most powerful of Roman gods)
  • Born on winter solstice/Saturnalia celebration
  • Before politics, was an investment banker at Rothschild & Co
  • Raised Catholic, Baptized Roman Catholic but now calls himself agnostic
  • Jesuit education
  • French equivalent of a Masters in Machiavelli and Hegel
  • 2nd Masters in Public Guidance and Economy
  • Millionaire
  • Proposed legislation in 2012 seeking to change the time in a workweek from 35 to 37 hours per week.
  • Socialist until 2015, then Independent
  • Macron’s Law was his piece of legislation that “intended to rejuvenate the French economy by fixing regulations based around Sunday work, transport and driving licenses, public sector jobs and the transport market.”
  • Macron’s Law II was cancelled ( for a time) which would make major changes to the retirement system.
  • Compared himself to the French heroine Joan of Ark in one speech
  • Now heading up the global initiative with Bill and Melinda gates for the Covid 19 pandemic crisis to include vaccinations with a tracking component, and probably also an end to use of cash.
  • Along with other G7 and G20 leaders, rebuked Trump (who is actually the head of G7) for defunding WHO and refusing to participate in their global response to the pandemic.

So, again I ask, is Trump still in charge?

I believe he is still fighting, but he has an awful lot of resistance coming at him. Trump talked about his second term a lot in rallies, but very early on, I remember him saying he may only be president for one term.

Look who is standing directly behind the Presidential seal in this photo.

Screenshot from CNN video

I’m not making any particular point about Macron. Just thought it was very, very interesting. Especially the name meanings!

“Overscore.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 28 Apr. 2020.

Several G7 Leaders Rebuke Trump Over WHO Funding Suspension; Group Agrees To WHO Review, Reform, Commits To Coordinated Response To COVID-19


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