Tellin’ tales outta school!

As part of my “vacation” I am going to do something I used to do here on this multifaceted blog, for it’s sheer therapeutic value, way back at the very beginning And that is “creative writing”.I’m gonna try short stories, which I don’t feel U’m that great at ( (full disclosure) Anyway,  NOT necessarily fiction,  but  definitely a departure from what I have done lately. So here goes…

Once upon a time, there were a brother and a sister….. Hmmm. Should I start with that or should I begin the story with CAT and CAT, Jr? Or maybe just CAT Jr? ….. What to do…..Yes, lets go with CAT Jr. Definitely!

Anyhoo, ok. So, CAT Jr had a sister. And she understood more than he thought she did.. About his…ah um certain…situation?,,,,Predicament? that he has to contend with.

She wants him to know this, but how does one go about verifying, 100% that what she understands, is in fact the case, in such a  delicate matter as this thing is?

He is constrained by some things beyond his control, feels like he has to perform in a certain way, in the presence of certain people, but it has inadvertantly  resulted in more misunderstanding between the siblings. It takes the sister a little while to put the pieces together, so to speak, but she thinks she’s got the bead on it now……or should I use a car analogy? Doesn’t matter. Remember, dummy? Rabbit trails are just extraneous detritus that gets in the way anyhow. Right?  (When will we ever learn?) All that other stuff that we say is, or needs to be, gone like yesterday.

Ok. Now that we have that settled where were we? (mumbling and singsongy) oh yeah, behave certain way….but makes things worse, I meant….is that how I worded it? No. Okay. Same difference, moving along…

She thinks she has it figured out, but does she? You tell me!…..

♠ To Be Continued…

( I hope!). Early sunrise tomorrow. And I ain’t finished needin’ the night.



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