That’s why I wanted to talk to you

Part 2

So, what is a sister to do? Think, think, think!   It explains a lot. Don’t know why he hadn’t told me.

Let’s see. Carrier pigeons? Nah. Too messy. What if she, by the way, Her name is Dory, this sister. Dory Morning-Glory.

She is sorry. A sorry sister. Sister Dory Morning Glory.

Otay Buckwheat!

The voices in my head are talking again. Shut Up!

You shut up!

No! Make me!

You’re a dog face pony soldier!


YES YOU ARE! John Wayne Said so!

Nu uh!

Pppllllltttt! Sqonky! Gik gik bloobba.

Oh No! Not the alien.

Ok. All 3 of you, shut it! I have a problem I am working on over here…

He started it!

Silence! I keel you!


God bless you.

I wasn’t sneezing.

Oh. Musta been Statler and Waldorf

Go butter yourself, and slip on outta here.

No you idjits, Eureka means “I found it”!



Shmiri, where did we get the word Eureka?

Eureka comes from the ancient Greek!

Thank you Shmiri

It can also be a nickel and copper alloy with resistivity that is consistent over a wide temperature range.

Thank you Shmiri, that is enough. Go back to sleep.

Three states have cities named Eurika, West Virginia, California, and Oregon.

(All voices in unison) SHUT UP SHMIRI!!

Snif…snifle…disembodied voices have feelings too ya know….

Now look what you guys did! I forgot my Eurika!



Code! I gotta come up with a secret code.

But how?

Call Mikey, he’ll try anything



“Thank you for calling Bubba’s Body Shop and Mortuary, if we can’t fix it, it must be dead, this is Bubba, how may I assist you today?”

Hey, Mr Bubba! It’s Dory Morninglory, is Mikey around? I need to talk to him about something.

Oh, well, he’s probably up to his elbows in Draining Miz Dolly. Can I get him to call you later?

Um, well, how long does it take to drain the body of, well, any body? What dreadful work! (Shudders)

Oh, Miz Dolly is Doc Doodles old Plymouth Coupe. What do you need to ask him, I might be able to help you.

I want to send a secret message to my brother CAT Jr but I don’t know any codes.

Well, you know who is really good at codes?

No, who?

This guy I work with.


That’s the one!

Um. Thats why I wanted to talk to him.

Why didn’t you say so!


No need to holler, I am right here behind you.

Aaaagh! Give a fella a heart attack, whydoncha!?!? Dory Morninglory needs somebody who is good at codes…

I’m really good at codes, Dory, didn’t you know that?

Yes. Yes  did. That’s why I wanted to talk to you!!!!!

To be continued…..

Play nice!

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