Cowboy Code

Part 4

Step into my office!

Um. Mikey, this is a closet.

Yes, well, I am just a mechanic, after all. But what kind of code are we talking about here.

Ya got your Morse Code, but that ain’t secret. They used to make decoder rings, but they weren’t real sturdy. They came in the Cracker Jacks when I was a boy.

What’s a Cracker Jack?

Never mind!  Let me see…. at Disney, they have secret codes for stuff you don’t want to say in front of the guests, Like “Code Protein spill, left foot” would be how Minnie would tell Daisy that somebody barfed on her foot. There’s the Cowboy Code, you make up your own 26 symbols, and match each to a letter, and write your message in symbols. There’s the Hobo Code, the Faery Code, Hospital codes, and police codes…

I hate to interrupt here, but I don’t know any hobos or faeries, and I don’t need medical or police, I think I will go with the cowboy code.Thank you, Mikey, you have been most helpful!

Happy to be of service. I was done with Miz Dolly anyway, now I am off to see what I can do about that other old rattletrap!

Oh, another car to repair?

No, I was referring to Sister Crump, God rest her soul!

To be continued….