7 thoughts on “CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks

  1. Thank you for your post. In my opnion the mask is not the problem it is the washing of hands that we must do after every outdoor activities. We should also ensure that we keep our home sanitized by wiping off our tv remotes, light switches and surfaces that are touched regulary worse if you have a large family or have children. the masks protects you outside around people or in areas that you can be exposed to the virus. just remb to do the follow up work before you touch your face etc.

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  2. I believe it. A couple weeks ago I wore a mask in Walmart, with my nose sticking out. After I left Walmart I wore it again in the hospital, to go to the pharmacy. I wore it “correctly” in the hospital, and my temp upon entering was 97.5. When I returned to the hospital parking lot, I removed my mask and my entire face felt numb like I had a shot of Novacaine. That evening I began to feel achy and my temp went up to 99.8. By the next day, I had a fever of 104. I slept for the most of 3 days. My only symptoms were a fever and stomach issues. I was never tested. Joey and the kids never got sick, even mildly. Coincidence? I don’t know, but my face often feels numb after wearing a mask.


    • Well, the masks are made in China, so… they could be the actual source of the spreading viris. Most people know by now the masks are certainly not protecting us from corona. I made some from gauzy, loose woven fabric so I can breathe! I have seen ones made of actual lace. It’s a farce! The confusion, official ” experts” giving conflicting “scientific evidence” and advice, is a part of the Marxist method of breaking down a citizenry!

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