Watch “2020 11 08 John Haller’s Prophecy Update ““Un-prez-i-dent-ed”” on YouTube

John Haller’s updates are great, but kind of long which is why I stopped posting them on a regular basis. Watch as much as you like, but if short on time you can skip to 58 minutes on this one, for the specific item I want to let you guys in on. He plays a video that explains how the computers literally flipped Trump votes over to Biden with a “back door” hack into the software program. This explanation is in context of a discussion by a computer programmer and the use of this tactic in the GA midterms of 2018. I have read that Obama won his elections via this method. I also read that this and similar software has been used by the U.S. to manipulate foreign elections. I wasn’t taking notes so I don’t recall where I saw those assertions, so take with a grain of salt.