Now for a look at the flip side

Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be seasoned? Luke 14: 34

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. John 8:12

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning; And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately. Luke 12: 34-36

Salt plays a very crucial role in life. Our bodies need it. Without it, really bad things happen. Even so, the question of why we need salt intake, and what it’s purpose is, did not inspire scientific research and experimentation until the 1900’s when someone finally decided to ask, and answer that question.

Dr. Robert McCance recruited 4 volunteers. Using heat lamps for several days, he first removed much of the salt in their bodies by inducing sweat, which was collected for analysis. The subjects were given only vegetables (thrice-boiled to remove salt), salt-less bread, and synthetic milk, removing any natural salt from their diet.

The first noted effect was loss of their ability to taste. Taste and smell work together, so I would expect they may have experienced a decreased sense of smell as well. Aditionally, the taste of pungent flavors became so distorted and awful, the volunteers were averse to consuming them. Many foods evoked no sense of flavor at all.

As the experiment progressed, the subjects developed exhaustion and lethargy, lost the desire and lacked the energy to eat. Blood samples revealed blood that was thickened and very dark in color. Vital signs were still stable.

At 10 days, the experiment was ended, the volunteers were fed and hydrated and all recovered quickly. Had it been continued, we now know fluid would have built up in their cells, making them puffy all over. They would have little, and eventually no urinary output, and dangerous arrhythmias would put them at risk of death, that is, if they didn’t die of congestive heart failure from the buildup of fluid around the heart and lungs.

In the culinary realm, salt can absolutely make or break a dish because if done right, you won’t taste the salt, it will merely enhance each individual flavor of the other ingredients, and do so from a quiet place backstage. Without any salt at all, most dishes taste bland.

Well who has never experienced overly salted food? No need to describe that, I’m sure!

Salt has served as currency in some cultures and times, and as a crucial preservative, particularly before the invention of the “icebox”. Salt can provide traction on ice, and help melt snow off of roads. It has served medicinally as an antiseptic.

The Bible says we are to be salt and light in this present world.

Yesterday, I wrote from a standpoint of a possible 4 more years of Trump. Praying scripture back to God. I am not sure America is still that “shining city on a hill” as Reagan called it, if it ever was, but we know if team Biden prevails, you can count on America becoming darker. So today lets consider our place and purpose specifically in reference to potential further unraveling of law and order, and increasing control over faith practice and speech.

Have you ever experienced darkness so dark that it feels like a heavy blanket pressing down on you? It is not a pleasant experience. I once took a cave tour in which the guide stopped the group at about 4 stories below ground level at a wide spot where people could gather around, and then had someone turn off the lights. Then, he clicked off the last remaining light source, his flashlight. Thankfully he warned us first, but he kept us in complete darkness for about a minute and a half before he turned the light back on. He asked people how they felt during those 90 seconds. Everyone agreed it felt longer than a minute and a half. Someone said they were starting to hyperventilate before the lights finally came on. Most said they felt disoriented, and one or two said they were starting to get “panicky-feeling.”

As Christians, we have to keep in mind that for lost people, life itself is like the darkness of that cave. We walk with benefit of having the light.

How many of us, in a crowd situation where sudden darkness occurs (tornado with power outage) if we happen to have battery operated light handy, would find our own way out and just leave everyone else to fumble and stumble? There are always some who would, but most of us would use that light to help the others get safely out. Even someone with a darkness phobia would most likely surrender the light to someone who could use it to help the rest.

Well, that is the scenario humanity faces in this world. As darkness increasingly overtakes the world, our light will eventually become the only light.

Are we content to have it and keep it to ourselves, others be damned ( literally)?

Unfortunately, some Christians are quite fine with that.

Not every Christian is going to witness the gospel to every single person they come in contact with. But we always represent Him, whether we do it well or poorly. The great comission was given to the body of Christ as a whole. Every member is not a “mouth” for telling. Some have a sensitivity to discern a hurting one, and a gift of comforting. That one may witness Christ to the hurting person by their compassion and spark a curiosity about what it is that makes her different. In her curiosity, the stranger may even ask “why do you care.” As natural and honest as can be, there’s your open door to tell how faith in Jesus has affected you personally. No one can refute your own experience. You will have then witnessed Christ to her, (in the sense of a cup of water, given in His name), or at least sparked a curiosity that makes her more open to the gospel the next time someone else shares it.

If your memory isn’t great for retaining a lot of verses verbatim, just suggest they look up 1 Corinthians 15: 3-4 , the gospel in a nutshell. You could even make business cards that only say “1 Corinthians 15: 3-4.” and pass them out, because in the google age, I think most folks are going to look it up, if only out of curiosity, until online scripture is banned.

If finding the right words to say isn’t the problem so much as finding courage and confidence to speak, write a letter instead Include relevant verses. That’s crucial because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word so direct them to scripture. It holds the power to reveal their need for salvation, and heal their spiritual blindness. Our verbal prowess and powers of persuasion have absolutely nothing to do with it, and in fact, may get in the way. Sincerity and authenticity are pretty easily received. Most folks, saved or not, can recognize and sympathize with nervousness and awkward delivery sooner than they will endure some memorized pitch. Imperfection humanizes you, and may even bring their guard down a bit.

Well, getting to one of the referenced verses, how does salt lose it’s savor?

Dilution is one way. Putting it into a liquid.

Dilution of spiritual salt might occur in a Christian who believe the gospel, but not the whole Bible. They are usually very reluctant to assert that other “belief systems” aren’t valid. That can be due to new faith, and ignorance of scripture, or it could come from mixing with the world. A glass of cloudy water gets murkier when you add more dirty water, and less cloudy when you add clean. Being a Christian who occasionally “compromises” and flirts a little with worldly things would dilute a Christian’s saltiness. Being a Christian who lives exactly like the world does definitely renders your salt good for nothing but to be trampled under foot.

Little or no intake of the Word, rarely praying, seldom fellowshipping all would serve to dilute our spiritual “salt”. We can’t avoid all contact with the world. How can you reach a world you never touch? But that is precisely why the Bible-reading, praying, and fellowship are important. The world muddies the water, but Bible, prayer, time with other believers, praise, those help wash away the world’s influence.

Spiritual salt in essence is our degree of usefulness for the Lord.

I think the point being made is this: Don’t do things that render you useless for the Kingdom, like never reading your Bible, marring your testimony by willful sin and disobedience, and general misrepresentation of the Lord to those who are lost. We are His ambassadors. That is literally the only reason He keeps us here after we are saved.

How will we be salt and light in Biden’s version of America if it comes to that? Something to ponder and pray about. Would I smuggle Bibles or hold fellowship in my home if the penalty is prison, or worse? Will I deny Christ if given the choice to die if I refuse, but live if I do? Peter denied Him after being with Him every day for 3 years! We have never met Him in person, in the flesh. How about torture? If the idea of that overwhelms you, do NOT read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. But how did those saints endure it? Faith. Faith that God will make it possible to endure, however it is that He accomplishes that.

We can’t know exactly the extent of and ways in which life will change, in the next 4 years, but they have given us a pretty clear indication of the ideology they embrace, and their willingness to force it upon us.

It is not a pleasant thing to consider, but it may become a reality, so it may be wise to give it some thought.

We are the church. If you are a Christian, church should not be thought of as “them”. You are the church. What are you doing to be salt and light? I think that is the point of that passage. We won’t stand before God alongside the people we go to church with in a certain building at specific times on certain days of the week. We will each stand before God alone. You are the church, I am the church.

What part has “the church” played in this nation’s descent, and arriving at the point it is at today? From that perspective, it may be perfectly reasonable for God to give us Biden (et al). He is the judge.

By the way 0just so you know, when a VP becomes the POTUS due to the incapacitation of the elected POTUS, there is no election involved in who then takes the VP position. The newly promoted president appoints whomever he/she wants as the new VP.

Do you know there is no constitutional prohibition of a two-term former president taking the VP job. I checked that as soon as they announced Biden as their candidate.

You know, Obama never left DC and nobody anywhere on the left or right was hoping for Kamala to be the Dem candidate.

Remember Obama even said he believed he could have a third term if he wanted ine.

Biden would make a lousy puppet. He only remembers how much he wanted to be “the guy in charge.” His freudian slip about their “biggest voter fraud scheme” indicates to me that he couldn’t even pull off the heists he previously had in mind to pull off should he get into the Oval office. Unless that whole dementia schtick was a clever ruse.

Kamala, though, narcissist and climber that she is, would be perfectly happy to let Obama make the actual deals and decisions while she gets all the credit and noteriety. I don’t see her as a woman with specific goals for where she wants to take America. Where America can take her is more likely her motivation.

I think she only wants the highest office in the land for the height it provides, as it substantially increases the number of people she can look down upon.

Actually, who better to play the character who finishes off America than old Jezebel herself?

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. It’s His prerogative!

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