I wrote a great post yesterday, did you see it? No, you did not see it because for some reason if you use Press This it does not autosave. I was just about to add tags when somehow, I hit arrow back instead of the “enter” button. Why use Press This for a full original post? Because I still know how to pull up the editing template from before the last 2 changes. And it’s more of a on-step deal to initiate it. It’s not because I am too lazy to do the extra steps. I just do it all on a wee tiny phone keyboard, which, when keyboard is onscreen, leaves me literally with merely a 2″x1″ section of screen that is visible while I type. Pray God sends me a laptop. 🙏🤓

(No, Mother, that is not a Christmas Hint.)

Anyhoo, the post of yesterday is gone forever from my blog and also from my brain. Too bad ya hadda miss it!

It is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is Thankful. I know some years it is hard to be Thankful, especially 2020! Thankfulness is a choice. If all you have are the clothes on your back, you can be thankful you are not naked, although, if all you have is the clothes on your back, you are likely homeless, and getting arrested for public nudity means at least a night in jail, and a nice orange jumpsuit. So, you can be Thankful for that!

In seriousness, though, I am Thankful for salvation provided by Jesus, for my family, that one of our boys now lives only a couple of hours away, and the other one, though they canceled his leave and he can’t be here with us, is at least out of the Middle East and back in the USA. Hopefully the election fiasco will be settled with due process, rather than combat. Something Lin Wood tweeted the other day made me think something momentous was going to happen today. Something along the lines of, Be ready Thanksgiving Day. Well, the cheating has been proven, the hearing yesterday was very productive. But do you think the Socialist D party will drop the farce, accept defeat graciously? No. They will not accept defeat after cheating so hard. So much planning and effort and scheming. Don’t stop praying for America! This is when the thing that has concerned me the most, would come into play. That is, the calling upon, and escorting in, some other nation to come to the aid of those who intend to change America into something unrecognizable. Someone who hates us, wants what we have, and has the military strength to take it. That’s why we can’t stop praying. We know the status quo is hanging by one thread as it is, globally speaking. We woke up this morning to a notice that our mortgage company, who called 2 days ago and said our check didn’t get there, and though we sent them another check, to cover Nov and Dec, they magically also cashed the “missing check”. Hnnnnngggggrrrraaahhhhhhh!

I’m ok. It’s Thanksgiving. I am Thankful we have a bank account. And it is a holiday, so we can go first thing tomorrow and make a deposit.

I have been trying to prepare myself to get used to it, more and more things are going to become more and more frustrating for us. Which is bad in my case because I have no patience. But we put up a little wall around this day. We are going to enjoy it, and all that bad stuff is gonna stay on the other side of that wall for this day.

We all are probably going to have to rely on faith alone in coming days. He is faithful. No matter what the world looks like, He will not lose sight of any of His sheep.

Censorship is expanding, and access to the truth about the fraud of the election, is dwindling fast. Yet my peace is expanding instead of withering away. It is that peace that God gives us in the midst of the very worst of awful circumstances. We have prayed for God to prepare us for this last bit of the journey. We trust that He has. We are ready to trust Him in the mayhem that’s coming. May God grant that we will open our mouth to boldly proclaim the gospel as we anticipate the flight we will soon take. I am Thankful for the Hope we have in Him.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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