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I admit, full disclosure, I tend more toward a “glass half empty” mindset than half-full. If you think the glass is still half full, you may get lax and not catch it before it is totally empty. On the other hand, thinking of the glass as half empty already, you are vigilant because you don’t want to let it run dry. Right?

Well, I know the Lord is going to call us up soon, but what if it is once again, not as close as we thought? From that perspective, I really hope for Trump to stay in office. But everywhere we look, we discover another turncoat formerly known as ” conservative”. We can see that when the chios are down, when it comes to the potential for the people to take back some control, there are few in politics who aren’t in it for personal gain. No surprise, I guess, but like Gingrich said the other day, ” I knew they were corrupt, I just didn’t know they were this corrupt”. Not that Newt doesn’t have his own skeletons.

It has been such a roller coaster. The first week I was invested probably more than I should be. Here we are a month later! A MONTH LATER!!! I have days when I feel like, “you know what? Can’t we just settle this already? But I still keep asking that they don’t just get away with this mutual unspoken agreement among so many to pretend the accusations are all lies. Gaslighting to the power of ⁹⁹⁹. Or maybe ⁶⁶⁶ ? Because yes, the Antichrist spirit is definitely in play. That’s why 2020 has been the way it has. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the videos. All brief.

Kellyanne Conway: ‘Looks Like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Will Prevail

Emmanuel Macron Presents ‘Global Security’ Bill To National Assembly In Paris Legalizing Tyranny With Himself Given Near-Dictator Status

Rep. Mo Brooks: ‘Momentum Is Building Strongly in Favor of Fighting Various State Submissions of Electoral College Votes’ https://www.breitbart.com/clips/202

Coming MRNA messenger33 Vaccine and the NWO

Alito agrees to hear case on Pennsylvania but not until next week

Planned Parenthood expects Joe Biden to eliminate abortion restrictions on day one

Trump Campaign files lawsuit to throw out the Georgia election and “order a new election to be conducted in the presidential race” …

[PDF] Over 76 members of the PA legislature sign letter asking Congress to reject PA’s electors …

Barr and Durham are not only not planning to prosecute, they are actively covering for the deep state criminals.

First Thing Senate Republicans Do After the Election is Strike “Sweetheart Deal” With Big Tech and Destroy American Jobs

Sidney Powell to Newsmax TV: Still Plenty of Time for Trump to Prevail, Overturn Biden Win

Unprecedented Fraud Occurred in the 2020 Election – It’s Time for the Courts to Restore Justice in the USA

Guys, it is obvious that everyone knows the election was stolen, yet the left are denying things like video proof! Evidence galore, but corrupt judges are refusing to follow the law. The antichrist spirit seems to have nearly gained the upper hand.

Via Gateway Pundit

Letter from MO truck driver

Good morning, I’m a truck driver here in Missouri, but I drive in all 48 states. I have spoken to several mail contractor drivers (mostly from 10 roads, a contractor) who says that the trailer would have had to have had a GPS locator, (mail is considered high value freight) in addition to the default GPS on the drivers elogs. Trailer GPS is accurate enough to tell you which door a trailer is located in at a facility, within 3 ft or so. and depending on the GPS supplier the timing of all movements. The truck elogs will always have all times and locations stored. if you can access the records for both the driver, and the trailer after he went home, you have a tamper proof record of where they were at all times. You would know where the trailer went after he ran out of hours and went home, and what facility and what door it was unloaded from. (and where it went from there)

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