My head is a little spinny today, and if I was on Facebook, I would set my [mood or status as “feeling a little stabby”. Of course, that is just a description, but each revelation about the state of our government just chips away at my serenity. My “new man is tempted to make some “arrangements” with my “old man”.


  • New man: Pssst hey!
  • Old man: “Tryina sleep ova here!”
  • Nm: “Pssst psssst hey, wake up! I need you to do a job for me”.
  • Om: “Alright already, sheesh! You sound like my old granny puutin’ Aqua-net Hair Spray on her beehive! Pssssssssst………..Psssssssssssst……………………pst
  • “What’s this jo…wait a minute  I thought I was persona non graten!”
  • Nm: “That was before”
  • Om: “Before what?”
  • Nm: “Before November 5th, 2020”.

No, but seriously, I am at a point where I’m kind of “over it”.  What I prayed for was for the Lord to bring out the truth. It didn’t occur to me that the truth could come out, all of it in minute detail, graphs and charts video and audio, and then the Biden bunch carry right on through with the charade, and the “conservatives” in congress would not only not even try to stop them, but would abandon our ship like the rats they apparently are, to join them. Better to have all their cards on the table, though I suppose. No more pretending.

The testimony of the CEO of Dominion had my b.s. meter spinning like it was on bath salts. The reports publicised today of the Forensic Audit on, Antrim Co, (I think?)  contradicted every single assertion he made. Under oath!

It would be funny if not so sad. Too little, too late, the Stop the Steal press conference expressed everything we hoped to hear…from the current Republicans in office. They vowed to primary every single one of the ones with an ‘R’ behind their name, who failed to stand with, and by Trump. That would be 98.97% of them. That’s what I mean. The termites have already devoured the foundation! It’s not just a few termites. State  Supreme Court judges, Governors, Attorney’s General, and the Supremes! Trumps own appointments are so scared of being accused of being partisan that they are willing to let socialism take this country slam down to the grave!

I can’t see 4 more years of Trump making any difference other than delaying the inevitable. I almost would prefer to get “the inevitable” over with.

The “progressives” don’t just want control. They want revenge! Because they are full of the devil.

You know, millions of Christians didn’t vote. There is a party that whose entire platform is wickedness, but they don’t vote. What is it they say about evil? It prevails when good men do nothing.

They lied to us about the “pandemic”. Faucci said one week, masks don’t help, 2 weeks later he says masks are absolutely essential. A month later, if it makes you feel better, wear it, but it’s not really doing anything. While the “experts” say one thing about how overwhelmed the hospitals became, boots-on-ground Doctors and Nurses told the truth. Nothing to do. They’re laying us off. That, folks is not poor communication. It is intentional. There is a name for it. It is called “gas-lighting”. It is purposeful confusion of message, purposeful contradiction, calibrated to cause you to question your own mind and perceptions. It is classic behavior of narcissistic psychopaths. But it is all a puppet show. Remember the olympic ceremony a few years back, characters meant to be nurses and patients, dancing around and shuffling beds all around, kids in them, all wearing masks?

I’ve jumped around a bit, the nearly 12 years of running this blog. Focus wise. I warned readers. Planning interferes with my process. Random IS my process.  That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a plan. It was God who had the plan. I have just been along for the ride. The enemy does his best to try and get me discouraged, distracted, burnt out, suspicious, disappointed, angry. Guess how he does that! Through people! We know God can only use sinners, because that’s all any of us are. The old man. He’s still there. Hopefully subdued and shrinking. Still there until Our redemption is complete, in our new untouched by sin bodies.

If we ‘re honest, we all have to admit that that old man still makes an attempt from time to time, for dominance and he does have his successes from time to time as well.

Everybody knows they cheated. Everybody knows they lie. Not only do they lie, but don’t even have a nodding acquaintance with the truth.

They have convinced some people that they care. About the poor, the oppressed, all the while everything they do keeps them poor and oppressed. They make a huge racket when you curtail access to abortion. Call you being racist. Those babies are sacrificed to their god.



Did you hear that the overall average number of deaths in 2020, is essentially unchanged for 2020. Not MORE deaths because of Covid. Just more dying folk who maybe had a positive Covid test. Heart attack deaths, stroke deaths, drownings, fatal accidents all apparently dropped by the exact same total number, as the number of Covid deaths. A lot like the way Biden votes increased by identical numbers that magically disappeared from Trump’s tally.

Suicides are up. Yeah, it is a statistical fact that when a nation is fraught with apostasy, suicides and murders, and other crimes increase.

Men die by suicide at 3.5 times the rate of women.It’s not that women don’t try. They generally select less lethal means. Men just succeed more. Hang themselves, shoot themselves. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 15-34. Suicide propensity is 1.5 times higher in military veterans than others in their same age group.

America was decadent in the  “roaring 20’s”, sodomy was rampant. Then the Dust Bowl years, and the Great Depression. Wars got us out of the depression, but broke a lot of spirits, and the people remembered God, there were revivals in the 50’s. Then the sixties came. When did God send famine to the Jews? When they followed after other gods, practicing what God forbade, next thing you know, crops are failing, and outside enemies gained the upper hand. And they had no power to stop anything that enemy had in mind. Sound at all like where we’re sitting today?

Will there be a continuation of this predictable cycle? God gave us a 4 year reprieve, but even Trump made some really bad decisions. He got this M33 messenger-based vaccine made, and I believe some Americans are already getting them, starting today. This vaccine is not the mark of the beast, but it is absolutely the precursor, and Covid or the next engineered bioweapon, will be the pretext.

Trump (via Jared Kushner) got the Middle East peace started. But as usual, Israel had to agree to giving up some land. Oh it wasn’t presented as such to the world in general, but it was part of the bargain on Israel’s part.

Even if Trump managed to stay in, it seems likely he won’t serve the entire 4. There have been many attempts to “dispose” of him already but until God is finished with His plan for Trump, he was/ is going to be effectively bullet-proof.

Nobody has to tell any of us that darkness is falling. Nobody should have to tell believers that until the Lord removes us, we will be seeing increasingly more things that the world has never seen before, and personally may witness and even be party to tragedies. But I can personally testify (and so can many, many others) to those of you who haven’t experienced any really terrible or frightening thing yet, you will not be terrified, traumatized, overwhelmed or consumed. Instead, you will be in awe, so enthralled by the peace God wraps you in, that you will look back even after living it, and you’ll marvel at it and wonder why you weren’t scared out of your mind. You will experience that if your faith is in Him, and if you are born-again, it is. Realizing you are entering into something which you literally have zero power to stop or alter, is very liberating.

It is only when you have absolutely no option but to trust that HE is enough, that you will learn that He is. You can take it to the bank!





3 thoughts on “Enough

  1. You wrote: “There have been many attempts to “dispose” of him already but until God is finished with His plan for Trump, he was/ is going to be effectively bullet-proof.”. That’s the key. I keep saying it because I keep meaning it: Let’s see what the Lord will do.


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