Critically Wounded, trying to stabilize

Conservatives, Christians, Trump supporters are experiencing something similar to when a loved one is in a horrible accident the family doesn’t know yet whether they will be mourning a death, or facing a long arduous journey of rehabilitation that no matter how great it goes, will never restore the patient to the one we previously knew and loved.

And now, threat of war implicit in that major cyber attack? Or is this the 2020 equivalent of bringing in the outside forces to help take America down? With the Supreme Court now actively blocking all our attempts to have thus grievance heard, no one looking at the reams of evidence to determine merit or standing, what is left? Trump is weighing use of sedition act, and they know it. This is beyond the scope of the American left, unless it was done by someone planted in our military during Obama’s admin.

I think “the family” just heard an update from the doctor and it’s getting pretty “iffy”. Extreme measures will possibly be the only option left.

“US Hit By Massive Cyber Attack Of ‘NIGHTMARE PROPORTIONS’ – US in Grave, Grave Danger!” — Cyber Expert Morgan Wright Reveals Frightening Extent of Latest Cyber Attack (VIDEO)




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