Shifting, sifting, shaking exploding

I would have skipped coffee this morning if I had known how jolting the headlines were going to be.

Trump has said officially that the rumor about invoking martial law is fake news. If you know anything about him, Trump is known to be a big fan of Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”  book of one if the most successful military strategists of ancient East Asia. One of Tzu’s 13 principles has to do with the importance if deception in battle. While Trump denies, his closest military and legal advisors are sending contradictory signals. He is turning their tactic back on them.

I think he will invoke the insurrection act.

I saw 2 stories about large volcanoes being put on Red Alert for eruption which means Warning. If it’s like a weather warning, I guess it means it is going to happen? One is in HI and the other in Italy.

London looks like the Arab spring today. Riots on the street in defiance of lockdowns. It is coming here too.

The real full 300+ page case by Trump campaign was submitted to Sup Ct this morning. When they refuse to hear it, that will be the Trigger for Insurrection act in my opinion, as their progression of steps thus far continues to hold. He wants to exhaust every other possible remedy first and have that be a genuine last resort.

  • I stumbled upon a tweet this morning. A couple of folks were reporting seeing Hawks (or falcons) and Eagles past few days, landing and allowing the people to come very close without getting spooked. I know that in scripture, those are birds of prey, they are unclean. The Hebrew word for Hawk is netz Strongs H322b. I read that the essence of that word is “a strong rapid flight” !!!!   

    In scripture the terms  “hawk” and ” “falcon” are used interchangeably, but are not the same, just in the same family, which is a different genus from Eagle.

    I am still pisting via phone and so many tabs open, I must have closed that one source about the meaning of Heb “netz.” If anyone finds a source for that, or finds it is incorrect, please place in comments.

Job 39: 30 about the hawk …”where the slain are, there is she”

The occult symbolism of a hawk is a messenger from the (little g) gods.

Guys, links below, and screenshots. I feel an urgency to get this out, so I’m not taking time to put more links in but this is a day to stay aware. It’s being reported that there is a new, more viral strain of Covid now, and resurgence of bird flu.

Democratic memo declares ‘rise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat’

CDC Issues New Guidelines,

Launches Probe After 1000s Negatively-Affected Following COVID-19 Vaccination

Report: Potentially imminent US strike worries Hezbollah

Apprehensions Jump 182 Percent in One Texas Border Sector 

Locust swarm in Yemen (Egypt too)




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