“The world’s second largest pharmaceutical facility producing the precursors for HCQ has been destroyed by an explosion and fire.”–americanthinker.com

“Trump WINS election case in Wisconsin Supreme Ct, media ignores it”– thedailyfodder.com

“Biden CIA Appointee Worked With CCP Propaganda Org Conducting ‘Undercover Intel Ops’, Appears on China State Media” —thenational post.com

“Impact of Trump Middle East Peace Deals Hits New High”–WND.com

330,000 Americans die ‘with’ China Coronavirus, — CDC says Number who died ‘from’ Coronavirus is much less, around 6 percent”

Folks, is it me, or has the quality of writing in news articles decreasing? I’m no Grammarian, nor am I a professional editor, but that only means it’s gotten so bad that even the non-professional eye can’t miss it. I’m not just referring to spelling. We as a society know, spellcheck has ruined our memory on how to spell. I am talking about structure, arrangement, complete sentences!

Did all the editorial positions get eliminated by the “pandemic”, or what?

A pattern has developed that goes like this:

A full sentence is the headline. I can sort of understand that, because lets face it, the sheer volume if info can be overwhelming, and with so much content available, it’s a “buyer’s market”, so the “hook” must set on the first cast. I know, mixed metaphors. So what, right, like everything else in society, rules are out the window.

The other annoying trend in written news, is the repetition. Is it really necessary to pop-out a tweet into large print, with a box around it, and then quote verbatim the exact, complete wording of said tweet in the paragraph right below? Then, it’s like they forgot they already stated it twice, so after maybe one paragraph to put a little flesh on the bone, they include a direct share, or cut-and-paste of the actual tweet. I am beginning to think it is a ploy. Hypnosis maybe?

I like how Dan Bongino sums it up.

“Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them.”

It was nice, stepping away from it all for a few days.

But the nightmare of 2020 continues. God knows every development that is coming. He gave us just enough to prepare us, and though I tend toward preference to get the looming unpleasant things over with, I’m all too aware that wishing for that in this case, would prove foolish. It feels a lot like my first pregnancy. Terror, wonder, moments you think you can’t handle another week, and that’s only the first trimester.

When the hard stuff is finally done, it is worth it all, and same applies as we anticipate a “next big thing” we all feel coming, but which big thing will it be? At some point, I think the answer to that question will be ‘all of it’. There’s going to come a moment, quicker than a heartbeat, when everything changes and where gradual decay will turn into full collapse. I wish we could make everybody in the world understand. But if we had that power, we would be tempted by it in ways that make us as blind as the lost and dangerous as the devil.

Thank You Lord, for salvation, and for the gift of knowing that You are the one true, & Only God. That is what enables me to face this volatile and dangerous time with peace. I sure don’t deserve it. But having that peace now, sure does make sense of the purpose of previous trials. Not because they strengthened me, but because they proved the necessity of depending on You. I have no doubt WHO got me through those times. It sure wasn’t me. Thank you for your goodness. Thank you for your mercy and faithfulness. Thank you for letting me see. I lift up my brothers and sisters everywhere in this world. Your strength complete in the vessel of our weakness. You are peace itself to the meek, and terror to the proud. You see and have always seen the egregious corruption of those You grant authority. They mistake your patience for permissiveness. They start to believe their own lies. You love those people, the ones abusing their access, and the confidence the citizens invested into them. What You allow is for reason. Help us keep that in mind. Despite the differences of opinion on a lot of things by believers, what is true is what You meant when You gave Your Word to us. I believe the Bible is so full, and you created every person with a completely unique design, we should not be surprised by different conclusions. A wooly mammoth was a huge animal. Life-sized replicas exist in museums. If 20 people who never saw even an artist rendering of one one, were blindfolded and invited to use their other senses to ascertain what are the physical characteristics of the mammoth and to state them, there would likely be a handful of adjectives duplicated in the individual descriptions and a good 40 distinct adjectives too. Lots of factors would play a role in the conclusions of each person. Previous experiences, education, even age. How about tactile sensitivity?  Possibly the factor that is most determinative in the differences between the descriptions, would have to do with what portion of the mammoth they explore. Someone who only felt a leg, might conclude a mammoth is kind of like a tree trunk. Someone who didn’t touch, but listened, might think a mammoth is kind of like an elephant, the tail, feels like a vine, the foot like a boulder. How can they all come to such a broad set of conclusions? It’s simple, really! A mammoth is/was huge! Were any of their conclusions somewhat contradicting the other ones, judging by the descriptor used? Sure, how is a vine anything like a boulder? It isn’t!  Other than both having weight, and taking up space, and both likely containing some carbon maybe. Were any of the descriptions wrong? No, they were only subjective. That is, they each used their senses to “study” the mammoth, 20 different minds contemplated their findings, they all explored different aspects of the animal. They all had limits to their capacity of how much info they could gather in the allotted time, and they each entered the exercise with different degrees of familiarity with animals, anatomy in general, and many other bits of previously acquired knowledge and experience. Scripture is at least as  complex and multi-faceted as God’s design of the Wooly Mammoth. I think there is more space for differing conclusions than most churches and many Christians want to think, or admit. But the contention is brutal out here on the interwebs. Study to show thyself approved (2Tim 2:15). Each being fully persuaded (Rom 4:21, 14:5). You have no need that any man teach you (1 John 2: 27, Isaiah 54:13, Jeremiah 31:34, Matt 16:17, John 6:45, 14:6, 15:26, not an exhaustive list).  These are all scripture statements. Like I said at the start, the meaning of any given passage is whatever GOD meant when He gave it to the men who put it on papyrus. Or rocks. 🤣 Our job is to come to the knowledge of His meaning, by rightly dividing.

There are people with a specific calling to apologetics, hermeneutics, teaching, etc. But these days it seems like a disproportionally large number of folks think they are called to teach. Some of those may want to search out scripture passages on teaching. You’re going to be held to a higher standard, if you are called to teach or preach, but if you are teaching or preaching when God never called you? Well, all I can say is I’m glad I am not you.

I am not a teacher. I don’t claim to be. I don’t pretend to be. I don’t try to be a teacher. If someone learns anything from something I have written, or shared, that is the Holy Spirit teaching you. To the extent I write anything on scripture topics, I will be accountable for my handling of it. I think there’s no end to the troubles a person can bring upon themselves when they try to do the Holy Spirit’s job for Him. Whether it is to continually badger someone who has made it clear they want no part of the gospel of Christ, or just failing to base your assertion on something everyone can verify in scripture for themselves. We are living in a period God warned would be fraught with deception. The “experiential” has become much more prominent than actual knowledge. The Holy Spirit is not a tingle down your spine. If the Holy Spirit “tells you” something, if you can’t verify it by scripture and especially if it contradicts anything in scripture, you’re taking a dangerous risk, and if the Holy Spirit tells you to give me a message, you better keep it to yourself, because He has my number.  He can get that message to me directly. If you know me, or have invested prayer on my behalf over something I requested prayer on, that is a situation when He might reveal something to you, but He is still going to reveal it to her directly. You will know to confirm it when she expresses it, because God says that by 2 or 3 witnesses is a thing established.

When God wants to address a specific problem in a church body, a lot of tines things like this will happen: The Lord impresses it on the pastor to preach on that subject on a certain Sunday. Say, October 9th. Lets use gossip as the subject. That same Sunday, the Sunday School lesson, from a series written during the Spring, scheduled to be taught in the Autumn on October 2nd, is also about gossip,  but that day there was a power outage, and Sunday School is cancelled, so they end up “coincidentally” doing that lesson on gossip the same day as the pastor preaches on it. Then, a guest from another church sings a solo, and it is a saga of a broken friendship  caused by careless gossip.

He put something in your spirit? Prompting. A nudge to strike up a conversation with someone, inquire if they are ok, that’s just doing what the Bible already taught us about compassion, ministering to people who have a need, entertaining angels unaware.

God’s not cryptic.

If God wants some specific words to be uttered, and wants to use your voice to do it with, He isn’t going to give you a download 7 hours before the encounter. You will see the person, walk over to them, and those words will come out of your mouth, and you’ll be just as surprised by it as if the stranger had spontaneously spoken them to you! You’ll probably even feel a little sheepish. Because people just don’t do that. God doesn’t operate like people, though.

When I need to remove a screw, I go get a screwdriver, and I don’t inform the screwdriver which screw, or whether I want it tightened or taken out. I pick up my tool, and I accomplish with it, what I intend to achieve. Can you see the distinction?

God can do all kinds of things. But He doesn’t change.  People are overly enamored with the idea God is doing a “new thing”. It sets people up for being used by the enemy, all the while thinking they are doing something for God. Maybe when the church figures out how to be obedient to what He already said, He might have more to say, but until then?  You don’t have to take take my word for it, though. If you are sincere in wanting to be obedient, and head off the straight and narrow, He will get through to you. This might be that! It might give someone pause. Watch for a second witness, or re-examine what you based it on to begin with. Did you have an experience, and then look into it? Satan is capable of sending a person to reinforce a deception. If something seems like a confirmation, stop and ask yourself how well you know this person who seemed to confirm. Did they just happen to start attending your church? Or move next door, or is she a new hire at your job? Getting drawn into the web of someone who became fairly involved in your life, quickly, or suddenly, don’t get paranoid, but do examine the dynamic. Is this new friendship bringing about any internal conflict or even just a diffuse generalized discomfort when she is around you? Has your new acquaintance caused issues in any of your other relationships? Let me save you some heartache. Detach now. Create distance. Chances are, you will find that some strain has disappeared. No more inner conflict. No further strife in other relationships. When Satan sends someone into your life, and that is followed by tension that just seems out of no where, the way describe it, it’s like static. Both the noise and the electricity that gets in your clothes and hair in winter. It is subtle, but also relentless. Like a tiny splinter.

Sometimes, I have had God allow me to go a certain distance toward a thing like that, and I think sometimes it is because He wants me to know this “detour” or trap exists, because I then can recognize it, and warn others. And frankly, it is more likely to happen in a season when you are growing and learning, with new enthusiasm. A spiritual growth spurt.

Well, I don’t know who all that was for, but there it is. !?!?













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