Both sides of the question

I shared the video yesterday from Marcia’s blog AMomLookingUp where the trucker- pastor shared some info about something about to happen in America.

This is a different perspective by someone who has a source who is in Trump’s White House. The source’s intel agrees with the trucker’s info, however, the speaker in the podcast at link, is not convinced that what info that is being disseminated about the imminent “operation” has the good purpose everyone hopes for. He says Q is a psyop of the left, designed to deceive, and to track Trump’s supporters. (Keep in mind Trump supporters also have most of the guns.)

If pressed for time, start at 26 minutes in on the podcast by Geoffrey Grider of

Keep in mind Jesus warned us that deception would be rampant in this time. Also, WARNING: the audio clip of John Earl Sullivan is profanity-laced.

ALSO, Despite his performance, think in terms of Trump possibly being in on the coup d’etat. I don’t think so, but I never could get his snake-story (“You knew full well I was a snake before you took me in”). Evil tells on itself.

Lastly, A friend who works in a military academy told me their School Resource Officer stated The Pope was arrested for Pedophilia last night. It goes perfectly along with the Q narrative. I kept up with Q a long time, not because I believed it, but because I knew there was some kind of significance to it. If it’s a psyop, they have to continue perpetuating it until they meet their objective.

Lastly, Trump was to speak from Alamo today. Sounds like “Trump, as Q has depicted him”. (Dramatic Last stand)

Here is the podcast

▶ NTEB PROPHECY NEWS PODCAST: What Really Happened In The Capitol On January 6th Reveals The Incredible End Times Agenda Against America | NTEB BIBLE RADIO: Rightly Dividing | Spreaker

6 thoughts on “Both sides of the question

  1. I heard someone else say Q was developed after JFK assassination by a group who vowed to bring down the deep state. Still, Satan can and often does look like an angel of light. Truth of the matter is, there will be no peace and righteousness within any governing system until Christ is here. We may find this Q system develops according to end times prophecy.

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  2. Yes, while I want the deep state brought down, I do not fully trust Q. Last fall I had a brief vision of Trump riding the back of a red dragon. I’ve also had (I think) Holy Spirit tell me ‘”I will plug the flood of evil that is the Democratic Party”. That’s basically the deep state. I could say more about that, but won’t clog up your comments. I too heard something is going on at the Vatican. I suppose the coming days will reveal more.

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