Anticipation of that Blessed Hope


My feet are tired

My back is bent

My ears can’t hear

Yet are never silent


My mind strains

For comprehension

Of the depth of evils

Too horrible to mention


My shaky hands fail me

Finger tips no longer feel

Troubled sorrows assail me

Enduring’s an exhausting ordeal


Though I may not hear the phone

Or a knock on the door

There’s on singular sound

That I’m always listening for


It’s the shivering call

Of a shofar blast

A shout “Come up Here”

Troubles ended at last


Every morning when the sun comes up

I drag myself through another day

But nothing of this world holds appeal for me

That I can honestly say


No money or feeling,

Nor panoramic view

could make my heart stop longing

For the day I”ll be with You


Flying away from all earthly care

What a reunion

We’ll have over there

“Come Jesus, come” IS my unceasing prayer

4 thoughts on “Anticipation of that Blessed Hope

    • WP is not letting me respond to this. 3rd try! Yes. My hearing loss is classified as profound. Not the worst of the worst, but effects my functionality quite a bit. The sad commercials for hearing aids on t.v. are realistic. It causes people to be isolated. They don’t fit in the hearing world, but also are not part of the deaf world, which has a culture of it’s own. Many folks can’t afford hearing aids. Insurance only covers them for children still developing language. For rest of us, hearing is deemed non-essential. That is starting to change a little
      Some insurance carriers at least pay for hearing test, and some Medicare advantage plans pay a small fraction toward hearing aids, which start at $900 and up to $ 3000 for one. Can go way higher if you want and can afford bell’s and whistles. There are financing options available if a person has clean credit. When I remove my hearing aids at night, it is totally silent. I can only hear very loud noise without them and can no longer decipher speech. I am a decent lip reader, but eyes going bad too. I could write a book on ways to help your hearing impaired loved one. Have thought about it, actually, but haven’t researched what already exists out there.


      • Wow, I am sorry I missed this bit of your struggles! ❤️ My dad was able to get a steep discount on his hearing aids because he’s a preacher and that is considered necessary for his particular “line of work”. I don’t recall the details.


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