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Well, I am thankful we kept power here through the “weather” thus far, but power to the water pumping station and the plant where it is purified, left us without water for a couple of days. We were prepared, though.

It looks to me like we are seeing infrastructure of every sort just crumble. As the Federal government grows more dis-ordered, it trickles down. As supply chain gets interrupted, it creates a chain reaction of shortages and backlogs. As budgets are cuts, the physical infrastructures, such as roads and bridges, stop being maintained. The mail has not run at our house for 7 days! The checkout at Walmart, even when there isn’t an emergency or weather advisory, are unbelievable, and I have to think that one is by design, because Walmart is among the few “private” businesses just raking in the bucks while others fold. They could have all registers open. Instead, only half. They are helping in the governmental efforts to condition us to wait in long lines.

The squeeze is intensifying, and many folks’ frustration level is hovering 24/7 just below their red line! We have to pray hard against our frustrations and just expect more of the same. Next month could make this one look like the good old days in the rearview mirror.

The FBI is now targeting law enforcement. and the military rank have been given orders to comb all troops for anyone with conservative, “white supremicist” Trump supporters and anyone who believes the 2020 election was stolen.

A new “9-11 commission initiative is in the works to do an in depth study and analysis of the January 6th Capital event.

Police are harassing private citizens (just like the Obama admin did) about social media posts that that they arbitrarily deem a threat, essentially doing the bidding of the ” ministry of truth” thought police.

And branching out beyond social media, the new target of censorship: Podcasts!

Too many chilling parallels to the tactics of Nazi Germany!

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Kamala is everywhere Joe is!

While in other ways, she is already doing his job!

Mark Zuckerberg may or may not be an android, but he apparently has more sense than Bill Gates! The question is, do the masses realize what these vaccinations will do?

Barack Obama laid almost all of the groundwork for these things, and make no mistake, he plans to see things through to keep the left in control of every branch of government permanently.

In Christianity-related news;

In the Ravi Zacharias case,  more and more disturbing revelations. with plenty of finger-pointing going on. Blame regarding those who turned a blind eye, as well as recriminations against the few who have been sounding the alarm for 4 years!

The Beast system is rising fast, as you read this!

After three magnitude 7 or greater earthquakes over the weekend, Italy, Japan near Fukushima, and the other escapes me at the moment, well

two more biggies today: one inVanuatu and   Another in Greece

The Vanuatu 6.4, Greece 5.8  Diverse places! 


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