Voddie Baucham, a Christian Brother in need

Plea from friend and ministry partner Tom Ascol:

“Voddie Baucham is a faithful servant of Christ. He has been a dear friend for nearly twenty years and serves with me as a board member of Founders Ministries and founding faculty member of the Institute of Public Theology. As his newsletter below indicates, he is facing a serious medical trial. Christians around the world are praying for him and his family. Many would also like to help out financially, realizing that as he, Bridget, and their family walk this path, they will face significant expenses.

The Baucham’s were out of the country when Voddie developed heart failure, complicated by kidney disease. Doctors have to run a battery of tests to assess the state of Voddie’s heart, and then treat, including surgery, all of which will result in astronomical costs for both the surgery itself, as well as the aftercare.

Please keep him, his wife, his ministry and the Mayo clinic team in your prayers, and for traveling mercies that they would stay safe and find flights while so many states are under serious winter weather advisories. More info and donate button at link below.

GoFundMe for Voddie Bauchamhttps://gofund.me/316d33d1


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