Surf’s choppy today

I am trying to decrease the amount of time I spend online for the blog so I can study more and hopefully do more of my original posts. When I do that, I call it surfing the headlines. But today’s headlines are mind boggling, and I know that is every day now, but it is still hard to wrap my brain around everything that is happening in America and around the world. It is unbelievable how quickly the puppet occupying the Oval Office is literally wiping the slate of all that Trump accomplished.

A biggie to pay attention to is Emmanuel Macron  (don’t skip that link. It’s an amazing article.) and his ongoing efforts to insert himself into the Middle East peace negotiations. Charles Lawson, a pastor that I trust, believes that we will see the antiChrist rise ahead of the start of the tribulation. He says that in II Thessalonians 3:3 the antiChrist is referred to by two different titles. That Man of sin, and the Son of Perdition, and contends that we will see him when he is the man of sin, before he becomes the Son of Perdition, which we won’t be here to see. As close as we are to the Tribulation, I have to believe we will see him, even if only a handful realize who he is. He doesn’t become the antichrist until he is bodily possessed by Satan. A lot of Christians think Macron fits the description of Macron. Read the story at the highlighted hyperlink by clicking his name above. You may be convinced as well. So the falling away has definitely taken place, and that man of sin, if Macron is he, will be revealed as the antiChrist when he succeeds in getting a leading part in making the negotiation. The Biden White House is definitely not interested in doing so. They have snubbed Israel in the same arrogant way as Obama did when Netanyahu came here to speak with him and address congress

One of the best ways to keep up with the Christian/prophetic perspective on White House happenings, especially ion Middle East, policy and all things having to do with this admin on anything to do with Israel, is to follow White House Correspondent Bill Koenig’s website  World Watch Daily at  .They are making fast work of the set-up for the Isaiah 17 and Eziekiel 38 and 39 scenarios, that’s for sure.

I haven’t said a word about the passing of Rush Limbaugh. His passing is like losing your favorite uncle. He just had a way of keeping things positive even in the bleakest of times.

The left hate Rush in death as much or more than in life. I would not want to be eaten up with the cancer of hate like these folks. Rush is beyond it all now. I believe he was saved, fairly recently. He easily spoke of God through the years, but last few years he began to speak of Jesus as the Savior. I know at least one Rush fan in heaven. My dad. Wonder if they’ve met yet, lol! My Dad doesn’t talk much but he loved to listen to Rush. Of course, he may have listened the same way my husband “watches” the race. A little snooze in there. It is a three hour show after all. I wonder if Kathryn will consider taking over. Or Mark Styne. He is positive in a different way. He injects a lot of humor and right now, the world is in dire need of that.

Was it Jesus who said ” that you do, do quickly” ?  Yeah, he said it to that traitor Judas. Well if you are going to betray someone, it probably is better to get it done rather than let it hang over their head. Talking about Puerto Rico statehood. There are rumbles that next month is the goal to initiate that.

Cuomo no mo?


<span;>Did this fruitcake go to Joyce Myer’s school of divinity, or was it  Beth Moore. We are into the second generation now and if you thought the first ones were off the reservation. This is not the church. This is Cirque de Soleil  with a cross blasphemously stuck on top.

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