I sit today in my favorite chair, doors open, listening to the wind chimes tinkle and gong like church bells. It’s hard to imagine with what is going on in so many parts of the nation and world, how it can be this pleasant here today

I think of the things that we have witnessed across our world just this last decade, and I almost feel a sense of being in a slumber and dreaming this. It is real, and yet becomes less real every day as I anticipate the sound of a trumpet.

“How can you believe,”they ask?

How can you not?

How does evolution explain love that would cause a person to lay down their life for the object of that love?

The powers of darkness are overshadowing this world and the world just keeps rolling along like everything isn’t burning down in front of our very eyes. How? The god of this world hath blinded their eyes.

God created this world, and all else too. He has written history in advance, and most people today have so believed the lie of evolution that they have no idea they were made for so, so much more than toil and hardhip from birth to death. There are others who have sold their soul for riches and they thought being famous and rich were the pinnicle of life, until they acheived it, and found it even more empty than when they were mere mortals like the rest of us. How many of them would give every penny they have if they could go back to being that person they were when they were “nobody”. To be able to walk down the street, buy a bagel, enjoy a spring day without being mobbed. They have their mansions and yachts. They have wild parties and practically make a bonfire with cash, because there’s so much more where that came from. They order in drugs like takeot.

I read my Bible and see God interacting with man. First in the garden, later on a hill, and soon as the Lion of Judah, but before that, 7 years of tribulation. The more catastrophic weather events of “Biblical proportions” that happen, the more horrific stories of callous murder, the more we watch the “civic servants” of D.C. trample and shred the constitution and pretend the rule of law doesn’t exist, it becomes a little more imaginable by the day, the otherworldly entities, the wrath about to be poured out. Secular reporters suddenly have an interest in prophecy, using all of the Christian lingo they describe a belief in God, and Heaven, Hell, and the rapture as if to almost be respectful only to truly be mocking. And why not, when a supposed pastor and pastor’s wife are in a supposed relationship with a man who kills the pastor in his own bed as he sleeps. This could be completely fabricated as far as we know. The named church, the named pastor, may not even exist, despite photos that are supposedly them. Computers create faces of people, who do not exist, and practically no one reading an article or watching a newscast would be able to verify the facts.

It is getting just too bizarre in this world.

So you see what I mean? Normalcy outside my open doir. Cars passing, radios blaring, kids on bikes, hollering. Back 75-100 years ago, people didn’t have any inkling what was happening elsewhere in the world. Many never traveled 100 miles away from where they were born. And they worked hard in order to eat, but life was simple, and most people believed in God and respected others whether they believed or not. Women were considered delicate in some ways, but also honored as the shapers of the generations. Then Satan put it in some women’s minds that they were being cheated. They were actually being protected. Each new generation of feminists becomes harder and more bitter in hatred of men. I could never have imagined as a teen, how the world would change before I was 56. I look back after having watched it happen, and still have trouble believing it.

I know as an idealistic girl, I probably saw the world as better than it was back then, but I appreciated even as a kid, the beauty of creation. How can anyone see a baby born and think there is no God. How can they look at the mountains in summer, covered in lush green, and think for a second that it is all random. They see, they just don’t like what it means, because if God is real, they have to take Him into consideration and that would lead to yucky feelings of guilt.

As Easter approaches, I am struck by the fact that winter just came and went while I wasn’t paying attention, and a Spring that it seemed we might never see, just suddenly is upon us.  Resurrection Sunday is more powerful than the delusion taking place around us. Let Fauchi wear his masks, let those crazy people in DC continue their pitiful charade.

Jesus Christ is soon going to sit on a throne in Jerusalem, and rule this world with utmost authority and utter justice. Those who seem to be getting by with things, like murder, and stealing an election, will not be laughing much longer, but even when they are starving and covered in sores, and flies, they will have no more pretense that there is no sovereign God to answer to, still they will never repent. They will curse him. They will want to die, but won’t be allowed to die. They will endure the wrath of God on earth, and then eternally endure the fires of hell, where tgey will have a body that burns and burns, but never dies.

Jesus died for them, but they didn’t want His gift. That is the unpardonable sin. It is one thing to want to see someone saved, but when God has given someone over, that offer no longer extends to them. Psalm 106: 15″He gave them their request, and it was leanness to their souls.”19They made a calf in Horeb, and worshipped the molten image20Thus they changed their glory into the similitude of an ox that eateth grass.

When man defies God, desiring to be his own god, and He grants their desire to be free of him, they are reduced to nothing more than animals.

God’s judgment is about to fall. The prayers of His people who were martyered have all been preserved. Soon God will deal with sin. No one gets away with defying God. He is not mocked. Turn from your wickedness and repent of your pride. The wicked store up wrath for themselves day after day. The prayers of saints and the wrath of God, oh defiant and scoffing people, you don’t know what you are bringing upon yourself. You will discover soon. The very Jesus you despise, you will bow to. That at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and of things in earth, and of things under the earth, and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father.

The Bible says Flee from the wrath to come. The only refuge is Jesus. God is holy, and we must be Holy, but none of us are. We have broken God’s law and can never redeem ourselves, so Jesus died in our place to pay the penalty. If you are not willing to receive the pardon He purchased to redeem you, then you are irredeemable by any other way. Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes unto the Father but by Me. You don’t have to understand it to accept and believe it. Your time is almost up, and eternity is a long time to regret making the worst decision that can ever be made. I pray for you to throw yourself at the mercy of God in Christ and be saved by grace through faith before it is too late. You know what is happening. You were taught, but you brushed off the conviction. Someone somewhere is reading this and God is giving yiu one last chance. It doesn’t matter what you have done. He doesn’t want to have to punish, He wants to forgive, but if you will not admit to having sinned, then you have no vessel in which to receive the forgiveness that is already paid for. The world will wake up soon to find many people missing. The terror you feel then, will be nothing, compared to what else is going to happen in the next 7 years. It may not seem to be headed that way at first, but just as every prophecy regarding the coming of Christ was fulfilled in the literal, so will the rest of the prophecies concerning tribulation, antichrist, famine, destruction, death, so much death, starting with many, I fear, who have taken the vaccines. There were people warning about an intentional “culling” that was planned. There won’t be a second when sudden destruction falls, for you to reconsider. It will hapoen fast. True followers of Jesus Christ will disapear. The world will be given a narrative, as always, to explain it away. “Alien disclosure” is coming. It has been hinted at in the news. The timing is interesting, and I imagine you will be told that it was those bigots the Christians who were holding the rest of humanity back from the next phase of evolution,  that have been removed by the alien race who seeded man on this planet. I am not talking about elites. These will be demonic entities. You have been told you are living in a matrix. You have been told Sananda is coming to bring Utopia and peace.

Scripture warns “do not be deceived”. It is only with the Holy Spirit in you that you have any chance of discerning truth now, and more so in the time that is coming called “The time of Jacob’s trouble”.

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