This is not a drill

Unrelenting rocket attacks are ongoing on Israel from Gaza by Hamas. More rockets than have ever been launched at Israel before, and they are reaching even central areas. Unprecidented widespread internal riots where Arab Palestinians are attacking Israelis all across Israel, that have never been seen to this degree in the history of Israel. IDF troops had to be pulled off the border to provide backup to Israeli police who were completely overwhelmed. Thousands of Palestinians have organized in the West bank in riots and attacks. Simultaneously, attacks came from Lebanon and Syria. Lebenon riotors tried to cross the border from Lebanon and IDF had to push them back with a show if force. Jordanians attempted to cross the Israeli border, but were stopped by Jordanian riot police. The Pentagon pulled some hundred American troops out of Israel.

It’s like a spirit posessed them all at one time and mounted an all out attack. This looks like the Psalm 83 confederacy, all of them attacking at once, in an attempt to “cut Israel off from being a nation”, and take the land for themselves.

This is not business-as-usual! It could be considered an attempted second holocaust!

Hamas as has fired around 3,000 rockets and have accumulated as many as 30,000. They have about 30,000 men ready and able to fight.

Hezbolla has an arsenal of 130,000 rockets and missiles that can strike anyplace in Israel, and can contribute about 50,000 fighters.

There is Syria, of course, armed by Iran, and backed by Russia and their advanced missile systems, with a quarter of a million military troops.

It has escalated into an all out rush and onslaught that Israel cannot afford to absorb.  The Arab citizens living within Israel have suddenly risen up and begun attacking in an internal civil war, despite having lived among the Jews in relative peace for decades. Jordan’s military, armed and outfitted by the U.S. is right there, able to provide it’s fire power if called for.

Psalm 83 will bring judgment upon the Arabs who try to exterminate the Jews. Israel could become so squeezed from within and at her borders, that they have to employ the “Sampson” option and use nukes, and as per Isaiah 17, and obliterate Damascus. (Syria is in the Psalm 83 attack).

But Israel and Jerusalem will never be destroyed, because God will not allow it. (Ezekiel 36, 37, Amos 9).

In Ezekiel 38 and 39,In Ezekiel 38 and 39, Syria is not mentioned. None of the Psalm 83 nations are among the Ezekiel 38 attackers.  Israel will be a peaceful, safe nation without walls at the time of Ezekiel 38, so none of those internal and immediate threats surrounding Israel’s borders, are going to be an issue by then. They will have either been eliminated or weakened to the extent they are not a threat anymore.

Magog, headed by Gog, will lead the Ezeliel 38 alliance against Israel.  Russia has made alliances with all of the nations in Ezekiel 38. Persia, Tegarmah, (Iran and Turkey) have the same intent for Israel, and have for some time, but Russia only began to consider Israel a “problem” in the last decade or so. Now they blame Israel for all of the unrest in the Middle East.

Erdogan got so angry this week, he called Putin and said “we should teach Israel a lesson” and form a force to attack Israel and protect the Palestinians.

Putin called the conflict around Israel a “direct threat to Russia’s security”. That sounds like stage-setting to me. The same way America sets up Middle East countries to provide a reason to get involved. Russia isn’t realky interested in helping their neighboring nations, they see all that natural gas, the discovery of which essentially robbed Russia of customers.

This is it. We are past birth pains, we are in that transition to the serious contractions. The Western nations and Middle East allies of the West are not going to get involved during these attempted invasions. God will be furious and turn nature against them, hail, earthquakes, heavy rain, fire. Gog himself will be buried in Israel.

This is an unbelievable time we are witnessing. Judgment will fall on those who come against Israel and those who stand by without intervening.  If we have been in the fast lane to prophecy fulfillment, we are now getting on the Autobahn. The pretend president has already demonstrated a sort of “not my problem” attitude toward Israel.

These wars and their fallout will bring forth the antichrist and his solutions to the world’s problems. Humanity is tired of wars, and many have been scared for over a year by the plandemic. They just want to feel safe again. “Peace and safety”.
For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1 Thes. 5:3.

Sudden destruction like what hit Sodom. Lot and his family were taken out of the way, just as the fire and brimstone started to fall. The rain that would be a flood, didn’t start to fall until God closed the ark door, and this sudden destruction that will fall upon the world, won’t take place until after God has moved His church out of the way. Judging by God’s indicator (Israel) can’t hold much longer. We may witness some of this, but I think the failure of any nation to stand with Israel and this all-out attempt to obliterate Israel and the Jews, will be a last straw event that renders God’s cup of wrath  full, and it will overflow, and begin to be poured out.

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