A couple of jab victim testimonies, lets put a face on it

It is a travesty what the pharmaceutical industry and CDC, Faucci et al are doing to people, and particularly kids, but I am dumbfounded by the parents, especially those in the medical field, who so readily set their children up to participate in a drug trial all in a misguided attempt to “do their part and help others” in the name of civil virtue. This is far from the first time government agencies and huge corporations have acted recklessly, gambling with human lives, why on earth do people put any trust in government? These two testimonies are hard to hear, and this is being done to thousabds every day while the media cover Bill Cosby and pretend the statistics are mich lower than they actually are. We are living under Communism and people still think it’s just another spin through the cycle, another swing of the pendulum. How do otherwise intelligent people manage to ignore what is happening before their eyes?  –STL

6 thoughts on “A couple of jab victim testimonies, lets put a face on it

  1. Very emotional. People are always saying I believe in science yet it does not appear to me that science is necessarily behind this. When I think of science I think of allowing appropriate time to test and conduct controlled experiments to be certain of the outcome. That obviously did not happen. At least it would appear it did not happen. Then again they may have known exactly what to expect and that such reactions as discussed in the video was expected, if not sought after. Yes, I said it.


    • I cannot fathom how a parent could possibly have thought that having their child injected with an experimental vaccine, especially for a disease that carries so little risk to children specifically, would be a good thing.

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    • Science, falsely so-called, as the Bible puts it. I marvel at the conservative commentators who say things like “I can’t believe they think quarantine helps anything”. They DON’T think that, they know it doesn’t! They are laughing as they make the puppets dance! That makes it seem like there are varying levels of delusion. Some can still see some of the truth, others can’t see any.

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