A decidedly accelerated shift palpable in today’s headlines, and vaccine goon squads already door knocking in VA

There may be an important advantage in limiting my exposure to the news. Like watching a kid grow, seeing them daily, it sneaks up on you, but go away for a month, and the growth spurt is obvious. Today I can see we just hit a new level of crackdown. Don’t panic. Stand your ground. There are Christians who may be forced to choose between getting the jab and providing for their family or refuse it and face whatever that choice brings.

I believe we might see a day very soon, when the globalists gloves and masks come off (as in, boxing gloves and false faces) and we will start hearing troubling things left and right and nonstop. Remember who you are, and WHOSE you are. Remember when Jesus was brought before the council, He was God, standing there in flesh, and He remained humble in the face of what those arrogant religious leaders were doing and saying to Him.

Of all the people in rhe world, and out of all possible injustices, I am very, very bad at remaining humble when I feel persecuted or experience an injustice. Once I finally learned how to take up for myself, it is not easy or natural to do so humbly. I am not saying roll over and comply. It is ok to resist, that is part of “occupying”. But keep the perspective of Jesus’ example. Appeal to Him, because this force that will soon lash unrestrainedly against Christians and patriots, and anyone who has a mind of their own and thinks for themselves, is not something that will be stopped. God will remove us at the exact right moment, but until He does, we must take seriously such pronouncements as this roll out of door to door vaccine squads. I have seen comments of people who state they live in VA and have encountered them i can’t vet it, but I figure it is probably accurate. Probably Northern VA.

KrisAnneHall.com provides a link to get a form you can download and print, called a Tresspass Warning. I read about it on LeoHohmann.com

Here (first link) is the direct link for the form.


Here is the link to read Kris Anne Hall’s informative article about your rights pertaining to the goon squads.


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2 thoughts on “A decidedly accelerated shift palpable in today’s headlines, and vaccine goon squads already door knocking in VA

  1. Already heard this morning that some businesses in CA mandated the vax or you’re gone. The account was from the wife of an employee. They previously decided against the vaccine.

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