Please watch this before it is taken down again

My own explanation is below the vid if you would rather read than watch, or just need clarification. –STL

The speaker on the left is G. Vanden Bosche. He is passionately PRO-vaccine, but pleads that you do NOT take this one. Because it creates antibodies that are not your body’s natural antibodies. These “non-organic antibidies stay in you forever, they work only for fighting off the original covid strain that started the pandemic.

This rogue, non-organic antibodies (AB’s) are programmed with ability to recognize and attack ONLY that one, so they will not help your body fight off any of the the variants. That by itself is not the crux of why this shot is literally catastrophic to mankind. Technically it is possible to give a “booster” that can also handle each variant. But if a virus can’t survive in one host, it will find another one. It will morph into something we cannot control. That’s still not the worst news. The worst news is that the fake antibody, even though it becomes obsolete and useless pretty fast, it’s still in you forever and it doesn’t recognize any other virus but that first strain that ignighted the pandemic in autumn of 2019. Like a hammer thinks everything is a nail, this rogue antibody thinks every foreign virus and germ is his job to kill. He is bigger, stronger, faster than your God-given antibodies, so he attacks, but can’t kill, yet he keeps your naturap antibodies from being able to get through and kill the invader.

So essentially, this vax is rendering all vaxxed people immune-deficiant like a cancer pt on chemo, or someone with lupus, any condition that destroys immunity. Your natural immune system is still there, but it can’t help you because the vicious overgrown pitbull which is the fake antibody created by the mRNA, won’t let it do it’s job.

The guy who invented this mRNA technique, Dr. Robert Malone, also a pro-vaxxer, is doing interviews everywhere he can, to warn people, but he has been scrubbed off the net, even his wiki page, as fast as the vids go up. Anyone who can, should download the video, and re-upload it so others can learn, share and preserve this presentation. Keep in mind we have been warned about resistance from overuse of antibiotics, but thus far, God has seen fit to allow the invention of broad-spectrum antibiotics ( and the restrainer is still here). We could become unable to fight bugs with vaccines too, according to the scientist. Especially when they mandate ” boosters” every 3-8 mo. God can likewise thwart or postpone this catastrophe if He wants, and it theoretically could be false anyway, but since the horsemen are poised to ride, and these scientists have said the vax takers will not survive over 5 years, I prefer to see this as just one more indication we are leaving soon.

Also, people in America who don’t have insurance, and people in nations where the healthcare systems are inadequate, have been ordering their RX meds from Canada and other places where they are much less tightly controlled, for years. Probably as long as there’s been internet, and before that, they did so through whatever connections they could find. My husband and I, like many, feel it is important to get the meds recommended by the America’s Frontline Doctors. A little digging online will provide you with the protocol of what you need, and how to dose/administer it. I very strongly recommend (Highly encourage) you to que up certain sleuthing skills and zip around the web on a scavenger hunt for them. Didn’t you ever do that as a kid? A scavenger hunt? Sometimes ya gotta read over and betwixt the lines, because there are veeeery subtle shades & forms of clues hidden around, here and there. -> ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Be happy! We fly soon!


Anybody find the “hidden” words?

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