“Prophetic Vision: The Stripping Of America”

I am not endorsing this lady.I am not criticizing nor condemning her either. I have had a few dreams in my life that I know had spiritual significance, but have never had a vision or dream like she will describe, or any that the Lord told me I am to broadcast, as many such as this lady believe they are called to do. I am not denigrating those people, or judging them. If they are fully persuaded, then they must tell. I am neither a cessationist nor am I completely convinced of the proponderence of dreams and visions being touted all over the place.I believe most are from sources other than the Lord. But there are certainly some that resonate with a ring of truth and with the developments we see taking shape all atound us and I can’t help but give those consideration, it’s only wise to listen and pray over them. What I do know is that God is the same today, yesterday and forever, and obviously gave dreams and visions to some in scripture. I know that faith is a necessary ingredient in those to whom miracles and moves of the Holy Spirit occur. I am one of those people who have fasted and prayed for America, and there does come a point where you know your prayers have been registered in Heaven.(Many refer to that as “praying through”. You pray until the burden is released, and you then know to wait for the response from heaven. Sometimes you wait years!) I am just a redeemed and justified sinner, saved by grace, and so is she. This is the only video of this woman I have ever watched, but from my years of praying and watching the things happening in and to America I can say my estimation of what America has coming agrees with what she is saying here. Hard times. Perilous circumstances. A massive humbling fall, but amazing things that glorify the Lord will also result. Americans are, as she says, very spoiled, and Christendom in America is as guilty as the secular if not more so, for the mess America has become. But the remnant has power with God and I believe that for the sake of the prayers and obedience of the remnant, God will remember mercy even as our nation endures judgment, upheaval, and a humbling the likes of which we could have never imagined. 9-11 filled the churches, for a couple of Sundays. But it didn’t slow the decay. Revival is one thing and a massive harvest is another. Both can happen, but neither will turn America around to the “former glory” as the trabsition to global government is well underway already. I don’t think she is insinuating that. Perhaps this vision pertains to God’s decision about how America will spend the remaining time before the rapture. Perhaps cries of mercy have led God to decide on a lesser punishment than what America truly deserves. In His mercy He may furnish a little more salt and light, that will preserve a little more of our Godly heritage. Regardless, God has every right to inflict whatever is in store. I believe people who have only recently begun to open their eyes, and only in recent years began praying, are in some small part the result of my prayers spanning back over a decade ago, while my awareness and my prayers were a result of the prayers of others before me. So your prayers right now, matter. Pray for Canada, pray for America, pray for the nations, because we don’t know how long our kids and grandkids will still be here, what they could face. They’ve already suffered for our failures. It is not always easy to sustain expectation. Like the wise and foolish virgins that all fell asleep awaiting the bridegroom, some fall asleep having made preparations,and fall asleep unprepared. When perils fall, it’s a rude awakening, but those who prepared will weather it. Growing weary or dropping vigilance is inevitable and I am glad that when the front line wearies, God has fresh troops who rotate into the front line as weary ones fall back to rest or recover. We can rest, even sleep, once we have done due diligence to be ready. Not to say we quit. But the truth remains it’s not over til the trumpet sounds. We really do live in spiritual warfare, and it never lets up, and the sooner a believer grasps this, the more meaning and real purpose their life can have.

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