Mom update and “Brrr!”

It is starting to really get cold here in central VA. It reminds me to pray for the folks who have no electricity in many areas of the world, including here in America.

Mom has been in hospice now for about 6 weeks. That surgery a year ago did as much harm as good. It’s wiped out her meager life savings, and she needs more care with every passing month. If you are over 60 and have any health oroblems, DO Not get Humana Medicare Advantage. They sell you on the “perks” like dental, vision, hearing, gym and wellness programs, but Lord help you if you end up needing in-patient rehab or nursing home. Supposedly covers “up to 100 days” but they started their push to send her home after a mere two weeks, though doc and P.T. both said she’d need at least 2 months, and I had to do an appeal every 5 days thereafter. All determined by algorythm, thus the appeal is through a third party mediator (hopefully you have someone to advocate for you, because when you are so bad off to need rehab, you sure can’t appeal on your own behalf). Everyone I talked to in the process said “yeah, insurance just doesn’t pay like it used to”. That’s “Affordable Healthcare”, thanks, Obummer.  Next stop, social medicine. We are way closer than people realize, to having to raffle for a transplant, and the rest of you, well, here’s assisted suicide as your alternative!

She is in a lot of pain now after about ten falls in 13 months. Prayers appreciated.

Jesus, come soon!

2 thoughts on “Mom update and “Brrr!”

  1. Have you tried to do the Medicaid Waiver thing? My best friend had to work with the local hospital to get her mom on that so they could get her into an assisted living home. I’m not sure what all is involved, but if you talk to someone at the local hospital or wherever she is getting care, they should be able to help get all the paperwork done and pushed through for her.


    • Yes, thak you Nina, we are doing the waver for home based care, as opposed to nursing home, but there’s a long waiting period, and they’re short-staffed on wirkers to go out and do the required in-home approval assessments and so many people needing medicaid waver. We started the process in Oct. and her assessment date is still 5 weeks away. Sge has declined so much durind the wait and her care has used up her whole meager life savings, and my brother and I together are struggling to cover her needs. But God knows. He is faithful and He knows the timing and the need. Mom has always been a very faithful steward of every penny and every thing God gave her and He isn’t going to turn a blind eye to her need. He has assigned many of His own to her care all along the way this past year, including a wonderful aid who is helping quite a bit each week now in her home.

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