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I think God’s favorite medium is mosaics. He makes beautiful things out of the broken pieces of our lives.

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Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13) For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now… even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, [to wit], the redemption of our body. (Romans 8:23-24) My Testimony

I have shared many personal thoughts in the pages and posts of the blog. Popular categories for getting to know this blogger, include “On A Personal Note“, “Poetry”, “Commentary“, and “Devotional” and this particular post will give you an idea too: A Thing or Two About me.

As a Christian, and an individual who lives with chronic medical conditions, I eagerly await the future day of ultimate redemption when Jesus takes me to my eternal home in Heaven, and provides me with a brand new body. I am content to go or to stay, all in His timing, but while I am here, I am resolved to serve Him “in the waiting” and offer what abilities He has given me, that He may be glorified and that others may be comforted or helped. This blog is an outlet for my passion of watching for the Lord’s return, marked by events taking place in real-time, reported in world news, much of which is not mentioned in “mainstream” news.
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The story of God’s love for you:

God’s name is all over your DNA

“God’s glue” in the human body


About the author: I am a retired RN, a 56 year old Christian, wife of a great (and very patient) hubby, and mom of 2 awesome military sons.



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37 thoughts on “About Serve Him In The Waiting

  1. Like the new streamlined format. Lets the reader go deeper into the content faster. Rule of thumb: One article lifting up Jesus and His finished work and ethic for every other article of life-style or End Times. Just a friendly thought for increased voltage…Doug


  2. Hi there
    Thank you so much for following my blog. NIce to meet you in wordpress:) just exploring a bit of you stuff. I love it you great stuff:) will spend my time to dive more 🙂 Blessing!
    Warm regards,


      • Thanks shekinah419.. I actually made Freshly Pressed with that post. I now feel like a band with a great first album…where is the second great album? ha! I’m sure I’ll think of something hilarious eventually…


  3. Isn’t it great to use the “Prince of the power of the air’s” medium to thwart his efforts? To God be the glory – you go, Girl!

    Love the prophecy stuff! I envy the time you have to be the “eyes” for the rest of the body!


    • 🙂 Yep, it is great, lol. It is so funny sometimes when literally I am posting something that I know the Lord wants posted, and all sorts of crazy things start happening to the computer. I just laugh and tell the devil “I can do this all day”. I wish I could cultivate that same attitude in every arena where Satan tries to pull his stunts, but I’m getting better at it.


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  6. Thank you, Skekinah, for reblogging ‘The Man Who Was Mad At God’! God will always give us the right words when we reach out to share the love of God with lost and hurting people. What joy it is to see them open their hearts to receive the gift of salvation and eternal life!


  7. Hi, shekinah419. Thanks for the shout out to my new blog. I was wondering why I got a bump in page views! Briefly glancing at your blog, you seem to have a desire to keep the old paths and to have a servant’s heart too, as is evident by your many friends. Your site is as eclectic as mine is relatively monolithic – but each of us is using our gifts for the LORD. Keep up the good work!


    • Absolutely! Reblog to your heart’s content. I just happen to have time to do a lot of reading from a wide range of sources and like to make info available in one conveneint place for anyone who is interested.


  8. Wow, thank you for your contribution to R.R., and your testimony. Tonight, you ministered to me. I am a 47 year old CHF patient with an LVAD heart pump. I also am diabetic, and my feet and legs are slowly becoming un-usable. Always in severe neuropathetic pain, my wife and I keep our eyes plastered to the sky for His return. I always say, “All of my problems can be solved w/ one trumpet solo! I am a performing musician and Pastor in Chilo OH, but my pulpit is my illnesses. My blessed sickness has brought me into countless lives. And although I have performed with groups like ‘The Guess Who, Little Feet, and Steppenwolf’, I have been used by God more through my testimony of ‘Living with pain, but with uplifted hands’, than anything I have done musically.
    I am writing you because today was a really tough day, and you just brought me a liitle more light and hope.
    Thank you again for your testimony.
    Because He lives,
    Dan Henning


    • Hi Dan, thank you for writing. I am so uplifted by the writings of others online, and it blesses me to learn I have in some small way extended that blessing to others. I am thankful for the internet as a means for the remnant to be in touch with one another as we all await that blessed hope. I praise the Lord for giving you joy and testimony in your infirmities and pray He will continue to multiply blessings unto you and your wife. Everyone has their struggles, but those of us who deal with chronic medical conditions, or spouses who have them, have a longing and anticipation possibly more exquisite than most, I think, and ultimately that is a blessing. It keeps us from growing attatched to the things of this world. My husband and I keep our ears tuned for that trumpet blast any day!


  9. What an interesting thought…that God’s favorite medium is mosaic, because he loves to make beautiful things from the broken pieces of our lives! I love it! I have fibromyalgia, Severe Osteo Arthritis, and Epstein-Barre Syndrome, and I consider myself a Fiber Artist, and so this thought is so wonderful for me because daily I see the Lord doing just that…making a mosaic out of my broken pieces. Thank you for sharing this thought with us!


  10. And I’m back once more, dear Sister! I wanted to tell you how much you blessed me with your recent lovely comments on my Acknowledgments Page–how very sweet of you to take such extra time for me. I need to find time to come here for a lengthy visit, and due justice to your writing–don’t give up on me yet! Have a very blessed Easter Week!


    • You are always a blessing Caddo!  Your great big heart and sweet spirit is right out there for everyone who reads your works of art.  Isn’t it amazing how His Spirit in us can reach out and neither electronics nor binary translation can quell it?  He’s a great big Awesome God!     


  11. I’m back, I confess, because my brain is getting “old”–and I couldn’t remember what contact we may have had, so please forgive me! Thank you for putting me on your blogroll–and I wanted to say something specific about your reply above: you’ve no idea how much it blessed me to read that you “love the feel on my site”!! Isn’t it funny, maybe not–that that is perhaps more important to me, than having someone rave about a poem or story I’ve written?! Anyway, you’ve blessed my Sunday so much–and I’m sending you a big Hug!! God bless you, sweetie!


  12. First, thank you for following my blog! Second, there’s so much good stuff here that I’ll have to come back when I have more time. I’m excited that you’re here, so this is going to be fun! God bless you abundantly today, and always.


      • I wanted to say HI–and let you know that I don’t “work” the Bare Heart blog much–so that’s why I’m way late in receiving your note. So Sorry! It’s easier to reach me over at Grace Pieces (gracepieces.com) now–and you’re surely welcome there. I love you dearly–and can’t wait to meet you, too–Heaven or Here!! God bless you Sweetie!


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