It was over too soon!

Empty Nesting

The yard now stands empty where

Two little boys played

Who filled up our hearts

With memories made.

Baths in the sink, wagon rides,

Walks to the park

To climb monkey bars

From swinging on swings and

Sliding down slides

To driver’s license

And their very own cars

Hugs, and kisses with extra for later

Tucked for safekeeping, just under their bangs

I’m a sack of taters and I don’t care

Dad’s silly songs, Nights at State Fair

School busses, field trips, being room Mom

When those days were here,

they seemed oh soooo long

Another milestone

Another birthday bash

A trip to ER

A broken leg bone

Funny fam’ly folklore

Was gleaned on that day

And there was that time

A principal’s phone call

He did WHAT?

Oh no he didn’t do

The very thing

I’d expressly forbidden

He’s never been to my office

And he’s a good child

So I told him this time,

I’ll let him slide

“oh no you will not!”

is what this Mama proclaimed

What you’d give any other kid, you need to give him the same!

A moment of stunned silence, then she asked, “are you sure?”

“Yes, and when he gets home, he’s gonna hear more”

We couldn’t believe

That boy had the gall

For selling ghost peppers

to kids in the hall!

And there really are kids

dumb enough to try it

Choking and wheezing and puking and crying!

We gave him the lecture then took off our “parent” hats

I asked “who in the world would pay you money for that?”

He said “plenty of takers, I sold the whole lot. Made twenty-four DOLLARS at four bucks a pop!

i said “son, you’ll be the death of me”

But I have to admire

your ingenuity!

Now the other boy, he’s our quiet one,

But Mama suspects

He had adventures of his own.

He never got caught

He was smart enough to know

If you’re gonna break rules

Keep it on the down-low

He’s the kid that’s easy going

Never seen him get rattled.

Well, except that one time, I was primed for a battle

His coaches held “hostage”,

The entire team

Because a kid who lost his player

He wasn’t even s’posed to bring

He said Mom, the coaches, they all are volunteers, please don’t make trouble, they do this because they care

That’s when this Mom, ate some humble pie, put to shame and learning lessons from my gentle football guy

He’s the kind of person

Some folks call “an old soul”

From the day he was born

He came already half grown.

He has always been

Self motivated

Oh but keeping up his room?

Cleanliness is over-rated

Years later, in the army with lots of responsibility

He texted me saying Mom, I owe you an apology.

For being so messy,

I now understand

What a difference it makes, How much stress is relieved

By an organized space.

It’s a triumphant moment

Whenever we find out

They heard after all

Didn’t tune you out

You tell them and tell them

Then tell them again

Around the time they turn 20

And it finally sinks in.

“Enjoy every moment

It all goes by so fast”

Said every mother, ages past

So I held them and loved them at every chance

But I’m sorry to say

Childhood still didn’t last!

I FREQUENTLY wondered If we’d make it through

Because I felt like 60 when I was only 32.

So often I believed

It was not fair to them

But a Godly missionary

Made me think again

He said “You don’t know

But what all your sickness

Has been the best raising

They could ever be given

I received those healing words

And tucked them away

A word fitly spoken

For my hardest days

And I think he was right

They’re men of integrity

not because of but in spite of

Their father and me

Now they serve our country

Far away from home

We thank God for the privilege

Of helping get them grown

There’s never been a moment

They’re far from my mind

Precious mem’ries surround us

In our empty nest time

They’ve begun their own adventures

I know our God keeps watch of them

We look forward to what comes

As the cycle starts again