Waiting on the World to change

Waiting on the World to Change

I am a fan of the sweeping epic novel. The one that starts with one child and weaves a saga that encompasses generations, and captures a span of history.  It doesn’t have to be a true story, but it’s pretty cool if it is.

I have been young and now I am old.  I love that line from the Bible.  Life can be rather relentless.  Sometimes it helps to be shown the greater scheme of things, so that one can be reminded that we are just a small part of a greater whole, a small player in a very expansive drama.

Sometimes a person can become nearsighted.  It’s easier than one might think.  I want to hope that some day when I stand before my Maker, there will be something that survives the refiner’s fire.  But most of the time, I can’t imagine that there is anything that will. I can be so faint of heart.  I used to be braver, I think.  Now cynicism has set in like plaque in an artery.  That’s what happens in a fallen world, to fallen people.  I have looked around at this world, and I mean really paid attention to some things.  I don’t like what I see.  I do not understand the love people have for this world.  I don’t mean nature.  I mean the world.

There have been many nights that I laid my head down and just begged the Lord to take me out of here.  But He hasn’t so far, and so I put that prayer away and try to keep going.  It is because I know that before this world is going to change, it is going to get real ugly.  It already is getting ugly, for those who have eyes to see it.  Unfortunately there is no shortage of people whose vision is so bad and who are so intoxicated on worldly lust and pleasures, they are convinced of a beauty that is not there.  Like the proverbial girls all getting prettier at closing time at the bar.

You know, there are people in the history of mankind whom no one marks when they are taken.  God says it is the righteous person that this world will not miss.  Why is that?  Righteousness reflects badly on those who love evil.  Righteousness comes from the Lord, and is not something we can conjure up on our own. Not that this fact stops people from trying, mind you, but only God is righteous.   The only association we have with righteousness is in reflecting His.  He allows us to do that when we believe Him.  That’s all He asks.  And we who try, fail as often as not.

Waiting on this old world to change.  A lot of talk these days about that;  the expectation of an “age of Aquarius”.  It isn’t going to happen.  The thing is, Christ will have perfect peace in this world when He rules with a rod of iron.  Between now and then, the most terrible time the world has ever known, will take place first.  That is the truth no one likes to know about.

We like to feel a sense of control over our own lives and destinies.  So we tend to place hope in all kinds of things.  Cryogenics.  Now there is a long shot.  For 200 grand, or in some cases as little as 25 grand, someone will freeze your entire body, or just your head, in the hopes of growing you a new body from your DNA in the future, when technology catches up to imaginations.

Indigo children.  Heard of this one?  The entire concept of parenting has evolved into a mental illness for a majority of the world, and evil is being celebrated.  Not only do some parents believe their little snowflake is incapable of evil, but the newest trend is to attribute  superior intelligence and supernatural powers to them as well, as if they are secretly a member of some chosen race, who will save the world. Messiah complex?  Yeah, they call them the Indigo children.  This was a new one on me. Some of the “common characteristics” are that they have very high self-esteem, are impatient, are creative thinkers, have trouble with authority, are often labeled ADHD, do not respond to guilt trips, have either excessive empathy, or no empathy at all, have a strong sense of entitlement.  Funny, that sounds like what in my generation used to be referred to as a spoiled brat.

But this is what we get when teachers and guidance counsellors, starting with kindergarten classes, are teaching kids to seek spirit guides through meditation, and filling their heads with nonsense about being “one with the universe”. The fact that someone’s six-year-old seems to possess knowledge that no one has ever taught him, is not something to celebrate! It may be a sign it’s time to call the prayer team or deliverance ministry, though, and the fact that it is something aimed at children, is particularly sinister.  It’s simply one of the more recent incarnations of the oldest deception known to man; “Ye shall be as gods”.  It’s what the serpent whispered to Eve and to Adam way back at the beginning.  Dark spirits, fallen angels, have been sowing another gospel for as long as man has been around.  Satan is a busy evangelist.  And the idea of a brotherhood of mankind sounds so nice, doesn’t it?  But there is no universal brotherhood of mankind.  Mankind is divided into two families.  Children of the living God, and children of the devil.

But you see, this belief in God, and in a real Garden of Eden, this has fallen out of favor in this post-modern world. Man has matured.  He has moved beyond the silly notion that there is an Intelligent Being behind all of the order and design in this world.   Man is for the most part fully convinced of his evolution. He has believed a lie.  Bought it lock, stock, and barrel.  They may mock the Christian, but in the end, they will realize who is deceived and who is not.  And now, the world holds its collective breath in expectation of something.  But few know what.  The promise of the world’s religion, is Utopia, but the reality will be hell on earth, and then eternity in a lake of fire.  Truth needs only to be proclaimed.  Apologetics is a fairly new “thing” among Christians who are convinced that the Word of Almighty God needs help getting itself expressed, as if they are wanting to sign themselves on as its publicity agent.  Jesus said, “if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me”.

Who am I that thou art mindful of me?

It’s not the world that needs to change.  It is us.

Oh, but don’t tell that to the parents of the indigo kids.  No.  Don’t tell it to the self-made man, the liberated woman, the transvestite, the white girl who believes she is black, the “minor-attracted” male, the same-sex-oriented non-male-non-female. That’s where sin leads you.  Down the primrose path, to that field of poppies before reaching Oz.  Pay no attention to the pesky flying blue monkeys.  It’s all just a dream, and you are in control.  You’re sleepy.  You are falling into a deep and restful sleep.  You can write your own story.  You can be anything you want to be.

Keep drinking the devil’s Kool aid.  That’s where it will get you. Truth will be far, far away then.  But there’s a day of reckoning.  The buzz always wears off.  The high doesn’t last.  Reality is that thing that you can never get around.


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