When I get there

I like to sit and think about Heaven once in a while. Are the people who are already there, helping Jesus build the mansions? I put in some requests for when I get up there. No, I really have! I want a house made of river rocks, with stained glass windows.

How will Jesus ever be able to get us all hugged when we go up in the rapture? Is there a procedure? A through D, you go that way, your welcomeer is Elijah himself, he’ll get you everything you need, and we will go to each of your mansions so you can drop off your Newby boxes. I’ll narrate a quick tour of each, and then our group will meet up with all the others and walk across the river together to meet Jesus. First time is amazing! just keep your eyes on Jesus. Works the same way here as it did for Peter down there. We will introduce everyone to everyone, and that is where we will match everyone up with their assigned orientation buddies. First order of business is Bema seat….Jesus will personally greet each of you. It’s his favorite thing!

We can only imagine based on things we have seen down here, and the Bible says we can’t even imagine it.

I have soooo many questions when it’s my turn to talk to Jesus, don’t you? Like, were you running out of ideas when you made the lightening bugs and that smiley face bug or did you do that just to make us giggle? Why the mosquitos and spiders, though? What does electricity look like? What does the wind look like? Did you really think about me, personally, when you were up on that cross? How do you make stuff with your voice? I mean, I know vibrations cause patterns in sand when you set it on a speaker and blast it with sounds and stuff, but that’s not even close to doing it with molecules and getting them to go in the shape of a tree, or cow, or person. What are cats and dogs, really? Is that how come you can see everywhere all the time? Do they have a live feed or something like that?

How did you come up with a language made from an alphabet, that also is a number system, and also a musical scale? If talking sounds like music, I can’t wait to hear what singing sounds like. Will you explain the Fibonacci ratio and where-all You put it in the creation? I know nautilus, and ears, but I know there are a lot more.What do we get to learn up here? Will we ever run out of stuff to learn? What did you do forever before you made us? Did you remember I requested to know how to play a piano? Do I know how yet or do I have to actually take lessons? Because that takes time and ya’ll don’t have that here. Do ya’ll even have pianos up here?

It’s gonna be so awesome!

You know how we often think back fondly over that time in life when we were children. Before heavy responsibilities ever touched our shoulders, and wish we could go back to not being the one who is responsible for everyone else?

Although I know that growing up wasn’t like that at all for many people. Some kids never experience being safe.

I think that will happen when we go up there. We will be like children again. Not that we won’t have responsibilities, but we will be carefree. I thought about heaven a lot when I was a kid. And even as a teen. Knowing I could talk to Jesus, to God, THE GOD! I talked to him constantly in my head. There was no piety in that, nor is there any in saying it, because it is not anything I consciously thought about doing. In all sincerity, it was probably that old hymn “In the Garden”…….I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses…and the voice I hear falling on my ear, the Son of God disposes…..aaaand Heee walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own, and the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known. I had dreams of Jesus calling my name, up on mountains, looking for me because He wanted to spend time with me, and He sat by me in a swing and I felt His love. Those dreams were so real. I have never had any other dreams that vivid and detailed. But I had that one over and over for a brief period. I cherish them.

I loved hymns as I was growing up. I learned a lot from them. They teach scripture and doctrine and verses are etched into your mind by them.

It is so sad that most churches have done away with them and in their place, ugh, just noise! There were praise choruses first. Which were still Godly and based on scripture, for the most part. There doesn’t seem to be many in the “Christian music industry” who are the real deal. Either that, or they are simply so ignorant of scripture they don’t even realize that God gave us an outline of what He will accept as worship. They are offering up strange fire.

And there is a famine in the land. A famine of the preaching of the Word.

Just like He said it would be.

And with every passing day, I look forward to the reunion we will have with people we love, some of them we know and loved on Earth, most of them are strangers to us.

Most of all, we will see Jesus. Oh what a day to look forward to.

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