Now What?

Friday I watched the whole thing.  All day long, all the coverage of the Inauguration events, everything except the three Balls.  I had to see it for myself.

Now Donald Trump has been installed into the Presidency.  I felt a little bit like the household staff of the White House must feel.  They stay on, and have to learn the likes and dislikes and preferences and quirks of a whole new family which they will get to know and care about.  I know I was called to pray for my country in 2008.  I felt that “assignment” end when I watched the Obama’s get onto that helicopter and fly away.

But no sooner had I taken a deep breath and sigh of relief, I realized that more than ever before, those prayers have to continue for the new President and current congress.  Not just because we asked for him, but because we know he really was one of them.  The elites.  Right now, he “seems” sincere.  Perhaps he is.  But we know he will be pressured, attacked, bullied, threatened, blackmailed. The “other side” is going to be relentless, and we have to continue to lift up prayers to counteract that.

J.D. has already said it, and Amir Tsarfati has already said it.  But I knew it too, before they said it.  Those were confirmations, for me.  Obama plans to be right there in D.C.  He and Hillary can do as much or more damage outside of the spotlight, behind the curtain, than they could have done still in office.

I don’t have to know every single bill that is being put in front of President Trump, what he signs, and doesn’t sign. I just need to continue praying for Israel, that he would not bring disaster upon America by being a party to the dividing of the land, and continue to pray for America, that Believers would continue to be salt and light.

I understand completely, that prophecy will unfold.  But there is nothing that says we have to be under a curse before then, for betraying Israel. Evil men and seducers continue to wax worse and worse.

It was very personal to me, this inauguration.  I don’t normally watch them.  But I literally woke up Friday morning and that was my first thought.  Today is the day Obama goes, and Trump comes into office.  I literally thought as I watched the events of the day unfold, how tired the family must have been by the time that day was over.  Trump is no spring chicken.  We all see how much each president ages while in office, particularly the ones who serve two terms.  Will Trump serve two?  Who knows?  Only God.  But I can’t imagine taking on such a huge responsibility at that age.  I guess that probably sounds like “ageism”.  But I can’t imagine it.

I do agree with what Amir and J.D. both have said, about the danger of the church going back to sleep and letting down the guard.  Americans got so preoccupied with their “stuff” and earning money to get more “stuff”, (and playing with their “stuff” or repairing it, or cleaning it, or selling it, or carrying it to the dump), that no one was minding the “servants” and they were getting up to all kinds of shenanigans.

So, the pendulum continues to swing.  Until the rapture, and the Day of the Lord, which includes the seventieth week of Daniel, and then the thousand-year reign   I am so sick of this world and the cesspool that it is.  We kid ourselves when we think there was ever a “good old days”.  There is nothing new under the sun.   I can hardly believe so many women were “demonstrating” yesterday.  They are not playing around.  They are so infested with evil and love evil so much, they are going to stop at nothing, that is until the Lord calls us out and steps in by allowing the rise of the Destroyer, the Son of Perdition.  They will think they have won, at first, when all the Christians are gone.  But they will find they have lost everything, even their own souls.

Pay attention at 22 minutes or so, what Pastor Lawson says about the Antichrist.  It is different from what J.D. Farag has said and what I have understood about the timing of the Antichrist vs rapture.  I’m not sure he is correct on this point.  His assertion hinges on early (first century) translators having mis-translated a word.  Unless he means we will see the man of sin rise without knowing he is the Antichrist.  I do believe that.  I believe he is already “on the scene” ( obviously, if we are this close to the catching away, and the seventieth week starting), and we can look at several and say they may fit the bill, but that won’t be confirmed until he confirms that covenant.  That event marks the kick-off of the seventieth week.  See if you think that is what Pastor Lawson meant as you listen to it. Hear what he says about Jared Kushner,(both of his grandparents survived the Holocaust.) And by the way, Jared’s dad is a convicted felon:

Charles Kushner is an American real estate developer and convicted felon. He founded Kushner Companies in 1985. In 2005, he was convicted of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering, and served time in federal prison. Wikipedia

We will see if Pastor Lawson’s conclusions prove correct.  Probably soon. He is taking Trump at his word.  I’m not entirely comfortable doing that.



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  1. Re: … “Unless he means we will see the man of sin rise without KNOWING he is the Antichrist.”

    Yes, at least to me, that’s what it seemed the pastor was implying. I PRAY we are really that close by now, too!


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