4 thoughts on “My Testimony

  1. I praise your Godly efforts! Too many who may be unhappily “surprised” come Judgement Day. I’m a New Testament Christian who believes in Christ Jesus and His redemptive blood. I trust in His promises.

    Thanks for the visit and for following my blog! Continued success…


    • Yes, Skip, I am afraid that you are right. When I realized a few years ago that many of my professing Christian friends did not want to hear about all these things I was seeing come to pass and what it meant, I decided to put it “out there” on a blog for whomever was willing to know. I was delighted to find other folks who are anticipating the Lord’s return and ever hopeful in watching for Him as I am. I very much enjoy dwelling on the thought, and the things of this world have lost all appeal for me. I don’t say that as a reflection of my “holiness”, for I know that God designed and orchestrated circumstances in my life to give me this perspective and I consider it a precious gift that He weaned me from any desire for things of this world. I feel like I’ve had one foot in heaven for a while now. 🙂


      • “Do not store up treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy…but store up treasures in heaven…for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

        (Matt. 6: 19-21)

        This world, while nice and comfortable at times, is our wilderness. Our citizenship is in the lingdom which is not of this earth. The more we take that into our hearts and minds, the better off we’ll be!

        Thanks for the visit and comments, Shekinah!


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