The snow is a sneak who steals the night

For his own moment of shining as he takes his flight

With the help of the wind, he scatters about

swirling and drifting through in and throughout

With utter grace, with silent sound

He spreads his cloak and softens the ground

Oh to awake in the midst of the night and see such a breathtaking, beautiful sight as the snow all a-sparkle, awash with moonlight.

But alas it is short-lived, for soon comes the sun, under whose warmth the magic’s soon undone.

Oh some beauty remains, that’s to be sure, but there’s nothing, I tell you, that can compare

To that first white moment I was drawn by some force, to view this splendor and approve it, of course.

When the frost I had cleared and could finally see, from my window I peered and what glory be!

A new world of whiteness lay out there, so fine, and forever I’ll fondly keep it in my mind, that snow-world all a-sparkle,

Awash in moons shine!
Copyright STLloyd 1987
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