Squeeze the Day

What do you do when you crest that hill and your tomorrows have mostly turned to yesterdays, the horizon’s not so far away, and the bleeding pink tinge of coming sunset starts to show?

You’ve been pushing through with your head down, not looking around at what you’re missing because there wasn’t much you could do about it anyway, with mouths to feed and bills to pay.

Regrets you didn’t know you had, are springing up like weeds.  Somebody started the countdown and didn’t bother to notify you.  The kids are nearly grown.  You missed so much.  And dreams and plans, now shadow puppets, forgotten like childhood toys, mock your naive hope.

Spent your youth and strength and now what’s left to call your own?

What do you do when time has slipped away?

Live today

Go out and play

Have your say

Let go of yesterday

And live today!

It’s not too late to say “I love you”.  Feel the wind in your face and the sun on your back.  To fill your plate and taste of what you have.

Your life’s not empty. Blow off the dust, step back and see what you have built.

Give your senses permission!

Spent your life denying, seldom feeling, rarely crying, and you found you have some catching up to do?

So, do what’s true! Do what you have to do.  Throw off expired expectations, but don’t throw off your treasures too.  Don’t forget who loves you.

You grew tired of the mask, and have unceremoniously cast it off.  But let those who still need them keep theirs until they are ready.

There’s something inside you that knows you’re made for more.

All you want is your rightful joy.  You know too well that life don’t come sugar-coated, my friend, and you can’t suck the juice from that lemon and smile about it one more day.

And that’s okay.

Pretending life isn’t harsh will kill a passionate man.  You tried it that way.  But you were born to deal in real.  So don’t look back.  Accepting nothing less, go squeeze the day!

Copyright 2010 STLloyd

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2 thoughts on “Squeeze the Day

  1. I SO love this! Can I start saying it now? “Squeeze the Day!!” It really goes with the whole “party-Caddo” mood thing deal!! God bless you abundantly, and then some!!


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