(For Pandora)

Perfect breezy days

Leaves fall lazily down

Not hot

Not cold

Just right

He is there

He observes

And proclaims

“It is good!”

Burdens lift

Tensions ease

Words ebb

And they flow

Just natural

Like breathing

And like a cool drink

From a hillside spring

After a long uphill hike

Refreshment comes

Relief settles

Effervescent bubbles

Of contentment

Filter up

Through the silt

And see the light of sunshine

Once again

And my starved soul

Is thankful

To be nurtured

And acknowledged

And affirmed

A soaring melody

A breathtaking sunset

Lightening and thunder

A shooting star

Lightening bugs on a perfect summer night

And ethereal friendship



Just a tiny taste

Of eternity

To see us through

Copyright STLloyd 2010
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