Is it True that Jesus Never Addressed Homosexuality?

October 26, 2012

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Is it True that Jesus Never Addressed Homosexuality?

August 2, 2012

Yes, Jesus Did Talk about Homosexuality

By Brian Fischer

20 May, 2015

7 thoughts on “Is it True that Jesus Never Addressed Homosexuality?

  1. Many churches are going to warm up to homosexuality.
    I once spoke to a Pastor that the pentecostal church in UK should not associate with the arch-bishop of Canterbury because he supports homosexuality and called them wonderful.

    The Pastor said to me and I quote “Yes the homosexuals have wonderful relationships”

    I walked off then.

    Now this aint western churches, these are Nigerian Churches where most of us are supposed to be culturally opposed to LGBT.

    If you’ve been following the Nigeria elections, you’d know Obama supported the removal of the christian president to install a moslem.

    One of the reasons was that the Christian President was furiously opposed to homosexuality.

    The Thinking is if South Africa which already supports LGBT & Nigeria support LGBT then the rest of Africa will follow suit.

    Watch and see many churches will follow suit slowly


    • Yes, I do know that. Though it is one of those things that American Christians for the most part, have no awareness of whatsoever. Obama’s first two years in office were so utterly focused outside the U.S., he even spent more time physically outside the U.S. that year, than any president in history, I knew then he had an agenda far beyond power and influence within America, and it’s why he “seems” so oblivious and obtuse to even the liberals who supported him and voted him into office. The political “elites” within the U.S. found out that even they had become useful idiots in someone else’s agenda, and Obama’s loyalties have not been with them anymore than with “the little people”. Obama was groomed from birth, in my opinion, in the Satanic scheme for this moment in history and the takedown of America that has to happen for a new global order to be put in place. History will show that to be true, but there won’t be a long history left for folks to reflect upon it.

      Buhari was instrumental in a coup there in the eighties, I think, wasn’t he? Obama has been working to form alliances with America’s enemies throughout his entire occupation of the White House, and he has tried to make an enemy out of Israel. A lot of people in America will say they don’t believe that Obama is a Christian, as he claims to be. (Of course he isn’t!), but many of those same Americans refuse to believe he is a Muslim. They believe his is an “idealist” with unrealistic perceptions about radical Islam, and the ability of everyone to just get a long. Obama is a Muslim practicing Taqiiya. Period! This is why he bowed to the Saudi King. It was a reflex, and he either goofed up in doing it, or his infamous arrogance compelled him to thumb his nose at even his “handlers” and it was an act of defiance. Which is why he bowed several other times afterwards. Better to look like a bungler, than to show your hand prematurely. It would not be the first time Marxism and Islam used one another for furtherance of their own ends. The Progressives in America got him into office, and didn’t even know he was using them. Those with evil agendas always have blindness, because the god of this world, Satan, blinds their eyes and minds.


  2. There is no doubt that God does not approve of same sex romantic relationships. It is not noted by the “word” homosexuality in scripture, but that’s because the word wasn’t in the various vocabularies. If one reads the scriptures about “natural” and “unnatural” sexual behavior, it is clear what the Lord is speaking about. No, there is no place for same sex relationships in serving the Lord, period!

    The True Light


    • true light, I don’t believe you fully answered the question, whether or not Jesus ever addressed homosexuality the answer is that he did, indirectly several times, in Luke 10, Mat t10,&11, and Mark 6, the people of the time knew of the examples set forth by GOD out of the scriptures, and Jesus used them to JOG the memories of those that listened to him then and now.


      • The question itself is a hyper-link, the article it takes the reader to when clicked, does a good job of answering the question, and gives the verses you gave, as well, :-). Thanks for your comment.


      • I’m sorry if I wasn’t completely clear…there is no acceptance of same-sex romantic relationships in any form or fashion by the one and only Lord God Almighty…then OR now!

        God made man for woman and woman for man, period. For those who believe that gay relations/marriage is okay with the more “enlightened” God of today, let me put it clear as well.

        God does not change, nor does His law and commands. What was righteous in the beginning is also righteous in today’s world…it hasn’t changed nor will it.



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