White-Haired Angel

White-Haired Angel

by Sandra Thompson Lloyd

Nothing can compare

With the smile on his face

Whose warm, cheery words

Bring a touch of magic to this place

A glittering personality

With charm and wit to spare

He’s gotta be an angel

Disguised in silvery-white hair

With a sring in his step

And a twinkle in his eye

And a sweet, gentle spirit

That could make a grown man cry

He’s a welcome inspiration

To everyone who meets him

Folks get a sort of bubbly feeling

By just the way he greets ’em

With that wise old grin

And always a ready tease

He always has a helping hand

And he’s always aiming to please

He  has such a delightful way with kids

You’d have to see it for yourself!

Why, in fact, I’m quite convinced that inside

He’s just a kid himself.

He’s a prancing, laughing, silly man,

Yet special to all of us.

It’s evident that in his heart

He holds the secret to happiness

And we’re so glad to have him here

To brighten up our day!

Perhaps he’ll pass that secret on

To us along the way.


Copyright: Sandra Thompson Lloyd 1983

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