And Hold Me ‘Til The Daylight Comes

Wolves snapping at the door

Bill collectors wanting more

Subtle threats, hard to ignore

How will we ever get through?

I want to do more than I do

And yet I want to rest in You

How is one to reconcile the two

How can it all work out?

I fight to turn away the doubt

To figure all the lessons out

But my fears are more than I can count

Don’t you have an answer for me?

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be

If we cast all our cares on Thee

But I can’t even lift them, don’t You see?

Much less all the way up there.

I have to tell you, Lord, I’m scared

I just can’t do it.  I’m not prepared

To relinquish the worry, I haven’t yet dared

To imagine You have a way.

If You spoke to me now what would You say?

To ease my mind right now, today.

To provide for me a visible ray

Of hope or something to grasp?

I know there were lessons in the past

And it breaks Your heart I forget them so fast

But Lord my spirit is so downcast

And I just don’t see any way clear

So Lord, oh please won’t You hear?

Please come and hold me near

Please take away my fear

And hold me ’til the daylight comes

 STLloyd 10-3-95 copyright


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