Homesick For Heaven

When most little girls dreamed of having

A shining knight to love

Her heart was already set on treasures up above

She knew her travels would take her

To those streets of gold

Already homesick for heaven, I suppose

When there’s laughter all around her

And all her struggles put away

I see that melancholy smile no one’s supposed to see

I ask her how she’s feeling as I pull her close

She says “I’m homesick for heaven, I suppose”.

Many years from now

When her children are all grown

She’ll have bittersweet memories of her journey home

She’ll finally come to the place

She was always reaching for

And she won’t be homesick for heaven anymore.

She won’t be homesick for heaven anymore.

Lyrics by A.G. Lloyd Copyright 2003

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4 thoughts on “Homesick For Heaven

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  2. Well done Garrett. Home is where the heart is. How true the statement especially when somebody else close to you sees that in you that your heart is in the right place and celebrate with the dedication of a beautiful song. I can identify with the feeling being a nomad that has taken up his tent many times and longing for my real home from which I will not be uprooted anymore. I feel less and less attached to this world and the things of this world. I have traveled light all my life and do not want to be like Mrs.Lot looking back to see all that I lost.


  3. This has also been my own dream ever since I was a little girl. To read those words written by someone else touches my heart, especially “Homesick for Heaven.” Well done and thank you so much for sharing this. Many blessings to you!


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