Seasons Change

When the  summer sizzles out and the seasons change again

A page is turned  in my heart

I feel sad,  but soon I see what is good about the next chapter

I feel like the whole world is suddenly a beautiful painting

Of blazing color

Done just for me

To make me smile

And in life, too, the seasons change.

I feel sad

To say goodbye

To precisous things and precious times

But then I remember

New things are good too.

I asked for newness

And here it is

It is exquisite

and I am glad and grateful for the unexpected gift of happiness

on this day.

Copyright STLloyd 11-23-10
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One thought on “Seasons Change

  1. The change of seasons tends to interupt my happiness too. Finding an “unexpected gift of happiness” in the beautiful painting of blazing colour is a lovely thought. Thank you.

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