We sin, we repent, God forgives, we sin…Shampoo, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

We sin, we repent, God forgives, we sin…Shampoo, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Spend any time at all in the Old Testament and you will see a pattern begin to emerge.  God reaches out to someone, they draw near to God, endeavor to follow His guidance and live a life that Glorifies Him, and then they are enticed away either by simple complacency in the midst of blessing and ease, by pride, or by lust, be it physical lust or greed.  Then that person is chastised of God.  If they receive the chastisement wisely, repent and re-apply themselves to doing what they know God requires, they again enjoy a period of blessing, but if they do not, then they will stumble in darkness and get drawn deeper into sin, and further from the Lord..  God will continue to correct and rebuke for a time, but if the wayward one does not turn back, He will eventually leave them to their unfortunate choices and give them over to their sinful ambitions.  This holds true both for nations and individuals.

Doesn’t that pattern sound familiar?  Can you look back over your own life and see it?  There really is nothing new under the sun.  Though Satan is masterful at “repackaging” and selling the same “product” again and again.  No new experiences, only new fools falling for them.

Israel and Judah made foolish alliances with pagan nations again and again, though God forbade it clearly in His law.  Kings had harems and multiple wives, though that also was forbidden.  And just as God warned, these practices resulted in trouble for Israel, Judah, and their kings.

If it feels like you are always hitting snags, encountering set-backs, can’t catch a break, maybe it is time to examine where you may be trying to fudge your way around God’s express law.  We can’t have it both ways.  We can’t skirt around God’s law, or violate it, and still expect His blessing in our endeavors.  We may seem to get by with it for a while.  God didn’t always give nations and kings the consequences and punishments they had coming, right away.  But without fail, He eventually does mete out those consequences and punishments.

Right now our world is reaping the consequences of borrowing and spending money we didn’t have to spend.  We are reaping the consequences of violating God’s law against murder (millions of abortions), and the consequences of forgetting our God, trying to pretend He does not exist, when every person knows He does, no matter how adamantly they deny it.

There are many people who are calling for Christians to fast and pray for this nation.  They are hoping for a 3rd Great Awakening in America.   We do not know if God has given over America or not, therefore, yes, we should continue to ask for His mercy and pray for Revival.  But He doesn’t owe it to us.  Like many great nations before us, we could be literally witnessing the demise of the great U.S. of A.  Pray for mercy all the more, if that is the case.  I am convinced that either way, we are going to need it.  But God sees His beloved children and He does not desire to mete out the punishment that is proportionate to our sin.  He longs to be merciful and compassionate.

And He deserves to be praised and obeyed, regardless.  He has every right to be angry with us.  Yet His mercies are new every morning.

Praise ye the Lord, praise Him all ye servants of the Lord from this time forth and ever more, praise His holy name!

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