Are you gay? God loves you, but that’s not all you need to know.

The tagline on my blog at one time, was “Deep and Wide, Willing to Go There”.   People who know me would tell you that I am willing to wade in deeper than most people, willing to be open, speak frankly and from the heart, and inclined to say what needs saying, even on the difficult subjects.  Satan loves to snare people via sexuality.  We know the statistics are staggering,  human trafficing,  pedophelia, pornograpy,  homosexuality.  At one time these perversions were mostly the arena of men.  The Bible told us that in the last days, even women would turn from the natural use of their bodies and lust after other women.  Look at the local sex-offender regisry and you will find out that plenty of women are now being arrested as child sex-predators.   A growing number of women also have become addicted to pornography.   Folks, the hour is late and we no longer have the luxury of tip-toeing around the uncomfortable realities.  All sin is an abomination to a Holy God and we are all sinners who cannot save ourselves.  The link that I am sharing with you below is a video by a 22 year-old young woman who came out of homosexuality and addiction to pornography by the saving grace of Christ four years ago.  This video is her personal testimony-in poetic form and there is a message in there that needs to be heard.  Having said that, I warn you that it deals with some mature and sensitive subject matter and does so in a way some will find shocking. (That is why I have posted a link rather than uploading the video itself.)  The scriptures are clear that light hath no fellowship with darkness.  I do not condone the tendency in the church today to employ street slang and profanity in an attempt to be “relevent” and for the shock value of it.  Having said that, I go on record as saying that I do not get the impression that is what Jackie was doing when she made this video. In fact there is another of her videos I will share next week that shows exactly her same boldness in confronting a church grown lax and compromised.

When someone has been trapped in a sinful lifestyle, it takes time for God to address all the nooks and crannies.  It can take a while before he teaches us His way of doing things, including maybe some  of the words and phrases we use to express ourselves.  At four years into her walk with the Lord, Jackie is a work in progress just like the rest of us.  She might have been better off to have left out some of the details, but  I am not sure Miss Hill could have told her particular story so powerfully had she told it any other way.  You can make things “pretty” or you can leave them real.  I prefer real even if it ain’t pretty!

 This video is not for everybody. That’s ok.  Jackie knows to whom she is speaking.  More importanly, those whom it will resonate with, will recognize whether her message is meant for them.  If you  choose to watch it, I only ask one thing: cringe if you must, but give it a chance beyond the first minute or two, and see it through to the very end.

I think………no, I know it takes courage to be real in today’s “fake reality show” plastic world, and I admire Jackie’s willingness to offer up her honest heart, raw.  She has embraced her role as the new creature in Christ that she is, and has set out to rescue others from the trap she was freed from.  God Bless You Jackie!

Jackie Hill -Testimony

Jackie Hill’s website