Happy Autumn!


Nandina (Photo credit: outdoorPDK)

Japanese Maple Acer palmatum Ground Leaves 3008px

Acer Palmatum - Japanese Maple

Acer Palmatum – Japanese Maple (Photo credit: bearded_snapper)

Today was a beautiful day, and the first day of Fall.  I love Autumn the best.  So I celebrated by reworking a couple of my flower beds in the front lawn.  With my health problems I can’t tolerate sustained physical work for very long, and unfortunately pulling weeds, bending and digging to plant flowers, are a lot more strenuous than you would think.  Because of the fibromyalgia and sleep disorders, I can end up “out of commission” for a couple of days after spending a few hours doing this kind of thing, but just like anyone, I love the feeling of working hard.  So I pay the price, but also have the rewards of sitting on my screened front porch and looking out over the flower beds and enjoying the fruit of my labor.  We even have a porch swing.  I  got several plants half-off at Lowes.  Petunias, pansies, and my chrysanthimums are just ready to bloom.  I had a bird bath in one of the flower beds,, but it was old and had to go, so I moved a couple of my dwarf  Nandina to the center of the bed to take the empty spot left by the bird bath.  Nandina get a gorgeous fiery red/orange in the fall, and then I have purple butterfly bush in the center.  That will be pretty beside the red dwarf Japanese Maple, which also turns a gorgeous deep burgundy in the fall. The various mums are different colors, a lot of yellow.  So now I am aching and very tired, but should sleep well tonight.  I put a couple of shots of the flower beds in a slide show below.

The slide show also has a photo of me and one of my husband in there.  They were taken just before the funeral and you can tell I had been crying.  It looks a lot different from my Avatar picture, which was several years old anyway.  But I like the avatar one because it shows my personality with the daffodil around my face. Plus  I have a special fondness for Daffodils, because back when I used to suffer from depression pretty badly, the daffodils blooming in early spring was the sign I had survived the long bleak winter.  I also love purple morning glories.  I should have gotten a picture of those this year.  My morning glories are seeded from my grandmother’s morning glories, and so I save the seeds every year.  I have moved them all over the yard looking for a place they would thrive.  They don’t get a whole lot of morning sun where they were this year, and I think that is why they did so well. They got huge, and they spread all over my Wisteria vine that runs the length of the fence, so in late summer I had this lovely green vine and gorgeous dark purple morning glories with huge leaves running across the fence, as well as even up into the Rose of Sharon tree, because the wisteria vine grabs onto it and grows up.  I have to go out there and clip it free once a week.

My other Japanese Maple in the back yard is pretty and grew a lot this year.  And my Gardenia bush flowered and flowered.  In spring we have about 16 azalea bushes of different colors that bloom.  So it’s right pretty from spring through fall around my house, as long as I am up to the maintenance required.  I can’t take a whole lot of credit for it really, as the azaleas were here when we moved in sixteen years ago, and as far as the other stuff, well I planted those but I choose things that come back each year and are fairly self-sufficient. Roses did not do real well in my area this year due to the fairly warm winter last year and fungus that grew.

I hope that you are enjoying some pretty fall days where you are.  Or whatever season it is where you are.  The variation of the seasons is one of the best things about Virginia, in my opinion.  Along with the fact we can drive 2 hours one way and be at the beach, and two hours the other way and be in the the rolling foothills.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures! I live in a condo now and miss working in my yard and gardening, but I really would like to see one of your autumns and see snow fall. We don’t have your seasons.


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