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A One-Way street called Tolerence:   Anti-EDL Group’s Attack on The EDL Backfires

Syria vs Turkey, Day 4: Turkey, Syria trade artillery fire for fourth day: fears growing crisis could erupt into regional conflict

Pacific Nortwhest shudders, preparing for the “Big One”?  Warning signs? ‘Silent Earthquakes’ ripple under Cascadia

If you are a “numbers” person, you’ll love this!:  Did You Know That Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party ID Card Was 555?

(Don’t forget, if you are as fascinated as I am with those numeric patterns of scripture, this blog is “all Bible numbers, all the time”. He doesn’t post daily and clog up your inbox like me, lol)


Update on Meningitis outbreak: 7 Dead, 64 now infected.  A big jump from just yesterday: Seven Dead as Meningitis Outbreak Grows


Video: FEMA Camp Exposed? Louisiana – Gun Towers, Crematorium, Perimeter Fences


More on the Radical Islam Problem in America:  The Dearborn Omen