The cage door opens and closes slowly
Hesitating as in an off-beat ballet
The bird contemplates her fate
To languish a prisoner inside
Or risk everything and escape

The stalking black cat plays dead
Waiting patiently to hear a movement
A flutter of wings indicating
The delicious horror of stumbling

Freedom is so close, prudence calls
To go unnoticed, blend with the walls
The feline dreams salivating with malice
Fright overwhelms the fettered prey
She trembles hoping for a rescue
Wishing for a miracle of deliverance

Suddenly the bird takes fresh heart
Remembering that she is blessed of her Creator
By more than the beauty of her plumage
She starts singing a song of praise
To her Protector rendering homage
And in a flight of notes reclaims her liberty

The enemy scampers off startled
By the powerful war cry
Shouted with invincible joy and faith
In the One who helps conquer fear.


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If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. Joh 8:36

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  1. Hi Sandee, thanks for posting. Don´t you love the pics! Did you receive my noonish mail in response to your crickets? I have been translating all day. Rest well this week-end.


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