Why carry news out of Greece?

A wonderful and wise soul who has the benefit and wisdom of more years of life on this Earth than I have, asked this very valid and important question.  Why carry a story about Greece on this blog?  I started to answer her and realized this is so key to why I do what I do here, that I should make it into a post where everyone will see it.

Here is Barbara’s comment about the post I reblogged about people in Greece being unable to afford to bury their dead:

As you know…..I’m a dinosaur. Blog, reblog, tweet, retweet, please comment,

etc. I taught myself what little I know about the WWnet in the 80’s. I never
learned to speak “DOS,” thank goodness. With the help of MacIntosh and the then
advancing “Windows” I grabbed the brass ring and just hung on.
Instructions,directions,and vocabulary still escape me; but I’m known to make an
educated guess occasionally. Today,I’m thinkin’,”Why are you talking about the
cost of burying kinfolks in Greece?”

We couldn’t afford to bury my
half-brother three weeks ago. He had a small life ins.policy. It barely paid for
a cremation. (Now, to each his own…..I, personally don’t care for cremation.
Neither did he, but it’s WHAT HE GOT!) He was a double amputee with diabetes and
heart problems and lived in a nursing home. Until his death, he was “tolerably
(old timey adjective)” satisfied…he was just broke. No immediate family
nearby. Those of us who are still breathing and hopping around are operating in
a PERMANENT donut hole (and I’m not just talking about Medicare, Medicaid, or
insurance.)  Sad…..but gimmeabreak!!!! Greece?!!!!


Here is my response to Barbara’s question and I’m glad she asked it:

Why cover a story about the hardships of some folks in Greece who can’t afford to bury their dead?  Because that is not all that is happening in Greece, just a small indicator of a much broader phenomenon.  And everything that is happening there is  relevent to us in America only in that our fiscal condition as a nation is following the exact same trajectory and we are only a few years (at most) behind them thanks in no small part, to Obama, (but Bush and others played their part).  As in, what you see there in Greece today, (parents abandoning children they can no longer afford to care for or feed, a huge and “helpless” welfare class who don’t have the government teet to nurse off of anymore because it’s run dry, riots in the street and declarations of martial law),  you will be seeing here very soon, as daily struggle to subsist morphs into panic and desperation.  Not only here, but across the globe, as all economies of all nations are rather interdependent and irrevocably inter-twined.

  America’s dollar is the world’s reserve currency.  We can always make more dollars (making each dollar that is in circulation, worth less and less) until they are worthless because we own the printing presses and are the only ones who can make dollars.  In that, we’ve had an advantage over the rest of the world and great power over the world’s economies.  But when the US dollar becomes worthless, then this nation will soon become a third worled nation. And you “dinosaurs” who either lived through, were born in, or heard stories first-hand from others who lived the Great Depression, are the only ones who even begin to have knowledge of how to survive such conditions, however the conditions that are coming will be worse than the Great Depression because back then people knew how to farm and had land to do it on.  They knew how to build with their hands, and had the tools to do it with.  We are a nation with no survival skills, dependant on fragile electrical systems, water sources, and sewage solutions that can all be wiped out with one Electromagnetic Pulse, which even Iran has the capability to cause, and few of us are prepared, other than a faction of “preppers” who have seen this coming and have stockpiled, learned self defense, stocked up on guns and ammo and “bug-out” locations.  None of which will save them in the end.  These are conditions not of the Tribulation, but that, the longer the Lord tarries, the more likely it is we will experience, in moderate, then increasingly widespread scale prior to the tribulation, especially in America because of all the nations in the world, we have NO excuse.
  We’ve had the gospel and churches on every street corner.  We have had God’s blessing in such great measure it us unsurpassed by any other nation other than the nation of Israel.  People who say the “pre-trib rapture is a lie made up by spoiled Americans who for some reason think we deserve to escape the trials every follower of Jesus was promised” fail to adequately estimate the magnitude of suffering that befalls when God merely withdraws His hand of blessing.  Wrath is a whole other degree, and the church is not ordained to wrath.  But make no mistake, suffering and struggle on a scale never known by most in America, is on it’s way.  That is not to minimize the struggle so many are already having in making ends meet, as you so aptly described as the permeant donut hole.  But God has promised that we will not see the righteous begging bread.  We may not have plenty,  but God has promised He will provide for the needs of His own until He takes us home.   This is why I do this blog.  Our media here in America is not telling us the truth about how dire the situation already is here.  The media outlets are owned by the same corrupt element of power who run our government and hand bailouts to giant corporations, of which they also own majority interest in.
Keeping up with the news out of other countries and especially the Middle East, is how students of Bible prophecy know how late the hour is.  If our only information came from Fox and MSNBC and CNN, most would belileve our economy is in recovery and the jobs outlook is actually improving.  It’s NOT!  Statistics and numbers are routinely manipulated to fool and placate the American Sheeple.   Thank goodness for folks like Barbara, and folks in every age group, who bother to be informed.   America is no longer a superpower.  And we have already surrendered our national sovereignty in large part to the UN.  (Another situation Obama has greatly accelerated.)  Obama is a globalist and a stepping-stone in getting America out of the way so that the world can progress to the global government, a.k.a. New World Order.   Part of the Socialist/Marxist/Communist doctrines teaches that you overload “the system” and collapse it from, thereby necessitating the expansion of Government and a complete revamping of how that government runs.  It’s the Communist Manifesto.  This is why Obama is soliciting any and all to run on down to the welfare office and sign up for food stams and medicaid and making government-run healthcare (i.e. ObamaCare) into law.  It is all an expansion of government power, to subdue and subvert the people.
Redistribution of weatlh sounds so charitable and “fair” until you realize that the government hand-outs can and do end just as easily as they start, only in the meantime, whole generations don’t know how to work, have never had to work, can’t feed themselves, and now the “benevolent” government is malevolent.  Now the bottom-feeders are sent to work camps, the elderly and infirm are culled, and a handful of powerful people at the top have all the wealth and all the control like in
China, (who owns most of America’s debt and as the Bible says, the debtor is the slave of the lender).
It is all playing out just as the Bible said it would.  Power is being consolidated.  We are only the next big catastrophe away from the “total transformation” Obama harped on in 2008.  Not into utopia. But into a world primed to embrace a single Word leader who seems to have all the answers.  Where is America in the prophecies?  Not there!  So what happens to her? Where does she go?  Absorbed into one of the “Ten Toes” kingdoms (of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream statue in Daniel)  of the end times, or obliterated off the map?  I don’t know but I think we are about to find out.


2 thoughts on “Why carry news out of Greece?

  1. NOW, you’re cookin’ my friend! If there were enough knowledge to go around so U.S. citizens could become self sustaining (that is, IF we were to humble ourselves and cry out as a nation to our God) we’ve covered what was lush fertile farmland with concrete, asphalt, and ‘cultural improvements’!!!!!!!
    Into a tall stalk of corn does a tiny kernal grow.

    My question about Why Greece? was rhetorical. …I have friends and family who can’t understand my interest in following world events and national politics so closely. My answer would probably surprise them: It energizes me! The nearer I feel to becoming part of my Saviour’s Bride, my strength to greet each new day in His Name and to follow in His Footsteps becomes increased.

    Your answer shows wisdom beyond your years–indeed a Wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit. Daily ventures into the Word shows us that the “signs are everywhere.” Our Lord’s going to step out on the clouds and call His Church to the wedding feast. Glory!.


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