Break for Beauty and Thanksgiving

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© By Ione Rehm Hertweck 1965

These things are free: the stars, the moon

Red roses in the month of June,

A rainbow, arching, clear and high

Sunset castles in the sky.

The long still night, the starlit hours,

The swift, sweet breath of summer showers,

White daisies gleaming in the sun

The twilight hour, when day is done.


These things are free, are ours at will,

The pathway climbing  to the hill

Long-stemmed violets in the grass,

The blue jay’s greeting as we pass

The lazy hours that spin a dream

Beside a softly-singing stream

The peace of heaven, crystal, coll,

Reflected in a mountain pool.


These things are free: the tempest’s roar

The breakers washing down the shore,

The hurrying splash of driven rain,

The thunder’s voice, the poignant pain

Of lightning as it rips apart

A cloud-bank, to reveal it’s heart.


These things are free: a friendly smile,

A thought that makes the day worthwhile,

A trusting hand within your own,

And eyes that light for you alone.

The peace of home, the comfort there,

When hearts unite in quiet prayer;

These simple things are ever free…

God’s priceless gifts of luxury!


One thought on “Break for Beauty and Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks for reposting this beautiful and uplifting poem and moves us to lift our hearts and voices in thanksgiving to our loving Heavenly Father and our beloved and ever faithful Lord Jesus.


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